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    Help Please - Computer Shut Down and won't boot (more details inside)

    Hi all, I you helped me build my computer, and now I need help again.

    I was playing WoW just now when suddenly my computer shut down. I heard a "pop" but had headphones on and don't know if it was from the tower or the speakers.

    Current status:

    The red power symbol on my motherboard is glowing red, and will try to boot if I press it - the fans start and leds flash. However, this will only happen after I turn off the power supply and turn it back on, and only the first time I try to press it.

    At the moment that's all I got.

    Edit: A link to my build here: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mgf8

    What is the most pertinent info you will need from me to help me out?

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    List you PSU, motherboard, CPU, RAM. How old are they? Have you noticed your computer running hot/slow/crashing more frequently in the last week or two?

    Open up the case, without touching anything, do any of the capacitors (cylinders standing vertically) on the motherboard look blackened or burst? Can you smell a burnt smell inside the case, and if yes, can you locate that smell to a specific component (don't inhale the smell excessively though)?
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    Less than a year old. Zero crashes... I was just thinking that it was running slower than normal.

    No sign of black, no smell.

    Link to build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mgf8

    And thanks!

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    Unplugged HDs, Optical Drive, and Video Card from motherboard to try to get the BIOS to post - same result.

    Is the likely culprit the power supply? Or what would be the other options?

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    Is your CPU fan properly installed? Do you know where your reset CMOS button is located? Check if the PCU fan is properly connected then reset your cmos. If it doesn't work, start checking if your ram is broken by removing all but one chip and start searching for broken RAM chips... You are in for a couple of hours of fun here, good luck

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    The pop and behavior make me suspect it's the PSU with one of its large capacitors having ruptured.

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    sounds allot like a mobo that died aswell , got any beeps or leds on top right of the boards glowing red/orange colors?

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    I will double check the CPU fan (it's a non-stock cooler). And I will look up to see what CMOS means.

    No indicator lights are showing on the mobo other than the normal power button.

    I picked up a PSU tester last night, but haven't had time to test it yet. I will do that when I'm back home later.

    Thanks for the responses so far!

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