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    Quote Originally Posted by dannypoos View Post
    Is it me or are the ravens higher up then the b4 patch when i mind blast i get 2 sets of ravens 1 set where they allways were that disapear then another set up higher that dont disapear for a minute
    Yes i can confirm they are working aswell, if u cast a mindblast u will see 4 ravens and eventually 2 ravens will stay for around 45 seconds.

    They are still kinda transparant but iam happy with the change

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    I really like the new raven animation.

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    Was pleasantly surprised to find out they do actually stick around now after the patch.

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    LOL, now sometimes my orbs disappear before they even make a single orbit around my character. GG. =/

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    The ravens are still bugged, just in a different way: as it's already been said, now they circle over the character like they are vultures waiting for the priest to die. :c

    I asked a GM about this, and he confirmed that it is a 'low priority bug that will be fixed someday'. I have a screenshot of that part of the conversation if you want.
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    I really don't understand two things:

    - Why do they look like Snowhite's robins instead of ravens? Make them evil and darker, please.
    - Why their number does not increase with every orb we gain? It is difficult to pop 2 --> 4 --> 6 ravens?

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