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    How to kill the Wither with only wood and stone.

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    Nerf iron golems.
    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Ford
    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why few engage in it.
    This explains a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoomChickn View Post
    Nerf iron golems.
    Then just spawn more!

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    If only you got 100 mages

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    Even with this method actually doing it will be tough.

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    How to spawn the wither. I counldn't make it. Can u help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynder7023 View Post
    How to spawn the wither. I counldn't make it. Can u help me?
    Kill Wither Skeletons in the nether until you get 3 wither skulls, then arrange them like this (ignore the dots:

    [ ] = Wither Skull
    [ ] = Soul Sand

    [ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ]
    ....[ ]

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    nice, its also easy with a iron sword a bow and arrows and a 50long 1x2 tunnel in the ground to hide while he's breaking blocks to come at you

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    I had no idea that that thing existed! ahahah

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    That's a cool method, wouldn't use it myself though as I play with mods

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    Cool Thnk you For the Method

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    Nice method bro I'll try it - let's see if i can do it :P

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    I'm using it now for a nether star farm!!!

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