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    Question [Rift Storm Legion launch] Stream, film, or both?

    So I'm at a loss for decision-making...

    What do you guys think I should do? I could livestream for several hours... I could also just record and then edit later on and upload to YouTube.

    I also found out a few months back I could do both at the same time, but I must say, Twitch is a bitch to setup, no lie. Just not sure how much people would really care about a Rift stream versus say, playing Amnesia. lol

    Especially when you're a wuss for horror games like me...

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    Record and edit gets my vote: there are going to be a lot of livestreams and I'm not going to be watching any of them live. I'll be in game.

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    Most people who care enough about Rift to watch a live stream will more than likely just be playing. Meaning not watching a stream. Make videos instead, or do both and if it turns out no one is watching you can just cut the stream.

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