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    25H Vizier Zorlok - Phase 2 Rogue PoV

    I'm an idiot and forgot to turn fraps on for the kill, but here's the 2% wipe we had a few hours before the kill. At one point we had zero melee in the raid because of how ridiculous phase two is regarding melee dps. Thank god for Feint.


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    I opened this thread thinking "Oh we get to watch you on the floor", since i just watched the kill the video lol. but neat thanks!

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    Ya... do the dance enough times and eventually you WILL get gibbed by a ring splitting and spawning a new one under your feet even though you were 5yds away from said ring. Very, very frustrating mechanic.

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    My groups can hardly handle attenuation on normal... Can't imagine trying to do heroic.
    So glad rogues have feint... feel sorry for the other melee's.

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    What's up with Smoke Bomb during Force and Verve ? Doesn't it prevent the damage ?

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    It shouldn't* (not saying it doesn't), because F&V is not a targeted attack, but a roomwide AoE (to the best of my knowledge). I haven't had a chance to do mechanical testing on my rogue yet, so I can't speak definitively, but I'm pretty sure Feint works, and smoke bomb does not.

    Also I wasn't actively checking but I didn't actually see either of the rogues here use it...? Not sure why it came up.
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    I popped it before the Mind Controls came out so I couldn't MC'd, attack the tank, and drop a smoke bomb. Everyone blows their fears/roots/snares so when we do get MC'd none of that shit can happen.

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    That really should have occurred to me sooner, but that sounds really useful.

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    Umm, he's just using it to prevent it from killing someone when he's MC'd. Its as useful as not having the skill at all.

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    Can't wait to work on the fight looks fucking fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    Umm, he's just using it to prevent it from killing someone when he's MC'd. Its as useful as not having the skill at all.
    Pretty sure he meant calling out to burn pvp cooldowns so that they won't gib everyone is useful. Even with that, I saw an MC coming up in 10 and my smokebomb coming up in 15, so I called that out.

    Smokebombed the tank


    That was just reg, we aren't at H yet.

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    Yeah, thankfully I haven't had that experience yet, but it (would have been) only a matter of time. For my warlock's side, Zorlok has a habit of summoning my pet. If he MC's me twice in a row my Grimoire of Sacrifice is on CD and I just have to /facepalm as my pet wails on him. Haven't had any bad rogue MC issues since warglaives.

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