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    MMO-Champion is Laagy and slow...

    So straight forward. Everytime.. Everytime I go on MMO champion is slows down my browser, watching videos get freezy-ish and they start going slow, the main page with mmo-champion starts going slow and just goes pretty much slow. I don't know why this happens' Is this only me or what?

    Just for information. This happens only on mmo champion, i've browsed so many other websites and nothing happens. No slowyness. So any help or is the owner saving some bucks?

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    I have never had such a problem on this site. What browser are you using?

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    delete your cache. run a program like ccleaner

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    Can't say it's a fact.
    But it doesn't affect any of the computers I visit MMO-C on.

    Might be you, sure your not straining your computer with excess things open at once, and MMO-c just adds to it?
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    Only prob I have is when I first load MMO, and if I'm running a stream on twitch or listing to music on pandora, they lag for a few seconds. Other than that nothing really bad lag wise.

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    I'm having 8 gigs of ram and only a youtube browser, I will try to run cc cleaner and post results. Really I dunno why. I'm checking at memory usage and it's at 250mb.

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    What browser are you using to view MMO-Champion (and YouTube)?

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    I'm using Google Chrome. Seems like somehow using CCleaner solved it. I regulary use it (1 time a week). Not sure what happened, but it only was with MMO-Chmapion. Thanks for the tip!

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