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    Make me a better pvp demo lock

    title says it all. Ive recorded 2 games so far, and would love to hear any tips people or give me, or just point out something im doing flat out wrong. just hit 90 on saturday, and im lin the process of gearing.

    www .twitch.tv/mourcore/b/338135964#

    for those that would like to see my armory, its cthulhù(alt+0249 to get the ù) on cho'gall- US

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    Hard to really comment on BG's. But the one thing that really stuck out to me was that you are not using Demonic Leap and Carrion Swarm nearly enough.

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    A few things that stuck out to me:

    1) I didn't see much use of axe toss, if at all. That goes for felstorm as well, if you can hit a few targets it does quite nice damage.
    2) Keybind all of the spells you are going to use and learn the keybinds. I noticed you fumbling to click in some key situations.
    3) Use cooldowns wisely. Your DS + trink were wasted a lot of the time, because your fury was low when you popped them.
    4) Few spec related things, I assume you took unbound will because you don't have a pvp trinket. I'd get the trink as priority and switch to blood fear, it takes a lot of damage to break currently, so its great for peeling and getting a few casts off without worry of being interpreted.

    Also, pick up glyph of healthstone, macro it in with dark regen. The heal is beast.

    5) Noticed you had dark bargain, again, didn't notice you using it once. If you're going to use this talent, twillight ward when the shield fades will help mitigate the dot afterwards.
    6) Aura of enfeeblement is OP, abuse it while you still can. Even 1v1 Curse of enfeeblement is REALLY strong against most classes.
    7) Less shadow bolt, more fel flame. Whenever you're moving, fel flame to attack people. Demo mobility while still being able to cast and do damage is what makes the spec strong in pvp. You can maneuver around a battle, staying on the outskirts of the battle away from scary warriors.
    8) Try to avoid casting Soulfire in meta, spamming ToC does good damage, and soulfire is really good at generating fury outside of meta.

    You seemed to get the generally idea, save 2 Hog's, pop CD's and meta, 2xchaos wave into touch of chaos spam. With a few well placed fears, stuns, and better gear I think you'll be fine.

    Also, I've always found the best way to learn is to watch somebody better than yourself. I try to watch Nadagastt's, steam, or Beckinsale's stream when I can. (preferably Nadagastt)

    Hope this helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Assail View Post
    That goes for felstorm as well, its VERY useful for generating fury, especially if you can hit a few people with it.
    Felstorm does not generate any fury.

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    Sorry, tested and Zinnin is correct. It still does really good damage if you can hit a few people with it, definitely worth using.

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