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    [H] Dishonored Heroes Magtheridon [NM/HC]

    Dishonored heroes is a new guild formed by some RL friends on magtheridon Horde.

    We are looking for raiders to start our raiding team.
    Days are Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday from 19:30 till 22:00
    We expect you to join atleast 2 out of the 3 raids each week.

    Recruiting = Everything.
    Still need everything to fill up the roster.
    If you don't have the gear yet thats fine we can help you get it as we are still building the team.

    There is also place for socials the more the marry ! just hit me up on battle tag for more info about the raiding and or a invite as social member.
    Go to our website to apply as raider http://www.dishonoredheroes.enjin.com and for social just hit me on bnet!

    Btags from officers
    Heractus - Grumpypanda#2236
    Extiralya - Sirdukes#2634
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