<Party Grenades> is originally from the horde side of the Ragnaros server, we are a group of skilled people that have been playing together for years. We have in the past always made progress that exceeded our itemlevel because of how we approach the raids.
We are a semi-hardcore guild in that we only raid 3 days a week, and have regular laughs during said raids, however we do aim for server top 15.

At this moment in time we are recruiting ranged dps (mage, shadow priest, boomkin, warlock) a holy paladin and a dps with OS tank for our mythic progression team.
We raid Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 1930 to 2300 (GMT+1).

Our current progression:

Normal 7/7
Heroic 6/7

What we expect:

- Experienced players that have extensive class knowledge and know how to play at least 2 specs

- Dedication and knowledge of tactics before entering the raid with us

- Min-max your character and bring your own food/flasks/potions etc

- Do not be afraid to speak up during raids (teamspeak)

- be able to raid 3 times a week during progression (having a max level alt is a plus not a must)

If you feel like this describes you, message one of the following players for a talk:

Jackdaniel, Ambraxis, Elessah, Zalaah, Jooni or Nevanne