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    [EU-Silvermoon][A] Late Night 12/13N 5/13H - LF RDPS


    Late Night of Silvermoon EU

    Current progression:
    Highmaul HC: 7/7
    Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 HC.
    HFC: 12/13N 5/13H

    Current Recruitment:
    Any Ranged DPS (except Shadow Priest)
    We will consider all good applications as well.

    Socials are welcome to join.

    Late Night is based on the Alliance side of Silvermoon - est 2009. We are a late night raiding guild. We are looking for mature players with good knowledge of their class and role within a raid environment.

    We raid after the usual hours (23.00-01.30 server time sometimes to 02:00) 3 days per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday). We are mature players who have other commitments at 'normal' raid times, so we take the opportunity to get together and play at a later hour.

    What you can expect to get from us?

    * A relaxed but firm raiding atmosphere.
    * A group of skilled raiders who enjoy seeking progression in PvE raiding.
    * A friendly home. Our members are sociable players and enjoy raiding old content, doing challenge mode, achievement runs and alts runs wherever possible. As such, a raiders friends/family are welcome in Late Night
    * A semi-hardcore/Casual raiding guild whose aim is to use our limited hours in the best way that we can, maintaining progress with a decent atmosphere.
    * We provide all "raiders" with free repairs from the Guild Bank 24/7. Members can also make use of the extensive mats available in the Guild Bank, all of which are provided for raiding.

    What do we expect from you if you raid with us?

    * Maturity in both age and attitude towards your fellow team mates (Don’t bother applying if you’re under the age of 17, we will most likely decline,)
    * A solid internet connection and a solid gaming rig to raid on (You’re useless to us if your connection drops out every encounter or your system cannot handle the FPS)
    * A high level of skill and sensible raiding. Know your role, class and the encounters.
    * Punctuality - Showing up for raids in good time and being well prepared with flasks, food buffs, etc (though supplied by gb better be safe then sorry).
    * Be active on the Guild forums. Engage in tactics discussion and socialise with the Guild.
    * Able to attend minimum 2/3 of raids scheduled raids per week though we expect people to sign 3/3 on stable basis. (If not, we will remove your raider status or fail your trial if accepted to LN)
    * You’re able to take constructive criticism during raids and subsequently able to use that criticism to improve your level of skill, and play.
    * We expect all members to be able to connect to "Teamspeak 3". Mic is optional.

    For questions, feel free to contact one of the current Officers of Late Night in game or on our forums (Where you can also apply to Late Night)

    Deadkaip(GM), Mistydsparil, Olympius
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    We are now 10/10H and looking for a few more to bolster our mythic team.

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    Still looking for a Holy Pally, Rogue and 1 or 2 Ranged DPS to start Mythic.

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    Updatded thread
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    Currently looking for some more DPS, we will consider most DPS classes but ideally looking for:

    Melee: DK / WW
    Ranged: Boomkin / Hunter

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    Looking for some ranged DPS ideally Lock,Hunter, SP or Boomkins.

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    Update OP and progress now 5/13 Heroic

    Looking for some more ranged DPS (except Shadow Priest)

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