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    I Like Big Buffs 2/14 hc 25m recruiting for WoD and SoO

    Tier16 14/14 10 and 25 man normal
    Tier16 2/14 heroic 25

    Recruiting all classes for SoO progression and mythic progress in Warlords of Draenor

    Apply at: www iliikebigbuffs .com


    I like big buffs is a long standing team and guild that has transferred to Kazzak from Sylvanus eu in search of fresh blood and skill for the upcoming expansion. We have long been a 10 man but are now 25 with the advent of the mythic raiding difficulty.


    Our raid days are Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. We raid about 12 hours a week, starting at 19:30 and finishing at 00:00. During progression we will be looking to see dedication determination and accountability. We value consistency and players being prepared on time for raids more than anything this includes flasks potions and food. We organise social events in game that all are welcome to. We use loot council as our loot system during progress.

    What we can offer you.

    We can offer you a stable raiding environment. Our roster is full of friendly, mature and skilled players with experience as far back as wow beta. We like to have a good time while raiding, but prefer this to be during alt runs and farm bosses.

    If you feel you have the skill the maturity and the knowledge we are looking for please feel free to visit our website or whisper an officer in game for more information and send us an application if you feel you meet the requirements.

    We are currently taking all applications for the expansion to 25 man.At least 555+ ilvl with decent off spec gear is appreciated. All classes and roles are welcome.

    Officers you can contact - Diomed(GM), Zotor, Xylipsse, Ryuji, Thalendras, Amestris or Demantia
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    We are full on warlocks mages and healers all other ranged dps classes are welcome to apply.

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    we are now full but welcome all exceptional applications.

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    Now at 2/14 hc and pushing for more this week. In need of good ranged dps (affliction warlocks are high prio)

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