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    [H] Surge @ Twilight's-Hammer Recruiting for WoD.


    We are a group of players who have come from nothing at the beginning of Siege of orgimmar to a 25man heroic guild, we work hard and put in effort to be the best we can. Our aim is to reach the top 50 20man Mythic ranks in Warlords of Draenor and currently need players to strengthen our roster.

    Past raiding experience is a MUST. Do not bother wasting time with excuses and telling us the life story involved with selling your account and how your Dog deleted your world first warlock legendary in Vanilla... not interested, we want genuine players that share a common interest, killing bosses without giving up too many hours in the week that don't cause drama.
    Raid Times

    Wednesday 19:30-23/24:00
    Thursday 19:30-23/24:00
    Sunday 19:30-23/24:00
    Monday 19:30-23/24:00

    Attendance is required throughout progression. If you are unable to make a raid day due to IRL issues then no worries life comes first, then you post it on attendance sheet on forums.

    We are recruiting constantly for the best players available.
    We are currently recruiting all classes!

    Contact Info

    Zerovelocity: btag- Zerovelocity#2449 Skype: p1et3rz
    Rockafella: btag- Rockafella#2384 Skype: Chilipinapple

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