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    Berserk X Twisting Nether, 13/13M World Rank 577 recruiting dps !


    Berserk X is a 13/13 mythic guild on Twisting Nether

    We raid Wed,Sun,Mon from 7 to 11 server time.

    Our guild has been around since Burning Crusade although both name and server have changed during its history, the leadership team has remained the same. Some of our oldest members have been with us since Cataclysm, and other core have been with us since early MoP until now.

    We are a bunch of fun loving mature people, and that's the attitude we expect from our raiders, we like our raiders to be able to perform at a high level without having to be stuck up and butt tight about it.

    After a bumpy transition from 10 man into WoD, having learnt a lot along the way, our aim for legion is to better ourselves and start to climb up the ranks again.

    We are looking for Ranged DPS of all classes and specs.

    some recent progress includes:

    ToT 13/13 old HC cutting edge
    SoO 14/14 old HC cutting edge world rank 286
    Highmaul 6/7 Mythic ( bumpy start to WoD )
    BRF 7/10 Mythic (stopped raiding switched server, formed new raid team)
    HFC 13/13 Mythic cutting edge (world 577)

    For more info don't hesitate to add shakpawns#2542 ojii#21279 or visit our facebook page or website to make an application.
    Have a great day !!

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    In need of a good hunter /boomie !

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