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    A] <Avalerion> 7/7 Mythic - 3/3 Mythic - 9/10 Mythic - 2 nights, 6 hours per week

    Avalerion is a guild of progression raiders who no longer have the time to raid hardcore progression hours but still wish to raid with skilled players. Our goal is to have the best progression we can achieve, whilst maintaining our limited raid hours. We are one of the best 2 day a week raiding guilds in the world.

    We are not a fake two day a week guild, we only ever raid two days a week even during progression.


    Avalerion was originally formed at the start of WotLK as a four night a week guild, for the entire of Wrath and Cata the guild consistently raided 25man four nights a week. During early MoP the guild switched to 10man and a two nights a week raiding schedule. Since then it has consistently cleared every tier on the hardest difficulty raiding only six hours a week. The guild is constantly striving to improve and this can be seen in our progression rankings since becoming a two night a week guild.

    ToT – 838th in the world
    Siege – 637th in the world
    BRF – 367th in the world
    HFC - 515th in the world

    Avalerion has always emphasised the importance of drama free, fun raids with good progression so it is important that new players need to fit into the team and share its goals. This has led to a very stable guild with the majority of the officer team having led the guild since tier 11.

    Raiding times
    Wednesday: 20:30 – 23:30
    Sunday 20:30 – 23:30

    We only ever raid two days a week, even during progression, and we never extend beyond this schedule. On this 6 hour schedule we have cleared every tier since Throne of Thunder whilst the content was still current.

    We are particularly looking for the classes below but we are always interested in exceptional players regardless of class, so don't hesitate to apply if you think Avalerion is the right guild for you.

    One healer of any class:
    Healing Priest/Resto druid/Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin/Mistweaver

    In order to maintain our progress and relaxed atmosphere as a guild, we have the following requirements for all raiders:
    - To have at least 95% attendance so we can maintain a small, tight-knit team.
    - To have a fully prepared character with optimal enchants and consumables for every single raid.
    - To have researched and understood the tactics for all bosses on the raid schedule and to have an optimal talent/glyph set planned out for every boss.
    - To behave in a mature, considerate and friendly way to all other guild members and members of the WoW community.

    If you are interested in Avalerion please apply at http://www.avalerion.eu.
    Alternatively, you may always contact an officer in-game with any question you might have (Tonarae, Zambar, Shedi, Oz). You can follow our guild raids on warcraftlogs as well.

    We hope to welcome you to our team soon,


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    My 10 man 2 nights 6 hours a week raiding guild at 7/7M + 3/3M + 5/10M

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