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    Bigwigs Raid Countdown

    So a Quick question, sitting in raid atm and piss annoying our MT cant do the countdown (yeah he cud do it vocally but no mic atm). he uses Bigwigs and I know that in DBM u can just do: /dbm pull 5

    anything similar in Bigwigs?

    ty in advance

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    bah cant find anything in bigwigs options either or on curse.com XD

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    bah cant find anything in bigwigs options either or on curse.com XD

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    Bump for relevenat info - Id like to know too!

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    install DBM, really, it is the better alternative for most fights.

    Or try to do it like in LFR. Get to the boss, get ready (finger over the prepot) and once the tank moves just a little bit, give it a go.
    Sure sometimes it wont be perfect but still better than no prepot at all, assuming thats what gets you freaked out.

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    No, you cannot.
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    It's something like: /bwcb 5 pull

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    your MT doesnt have a mic ack!

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