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    random question but curious...

    When you eat, do you chew on the left or right side of your mouth?

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    Both, but dominantly left.

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    Both, but dominantly right.

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    I melt all ingested food with high-power laser implants within my mouth. Afterwards, it slowly flows to the gulch of my stomach.

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    right, because i have more taste there when i eat for some reason.
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    It depends really. Currently mainly right. It's like, whenever I have a toothache for whatever reason, I tend to start chewing on the other side instead.

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    Im ambitastrous when it comes to that. I don't really favor one side lol.
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    My mother chews my food for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    Im ambitastrous when it comes to that. I don't really flavor one side lol.
    Fixed it for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostphoxx View Post
    Fixed it for you.
    Hah, it's very punny.

    (Why, me, why? >.<)

    I eat with both sides. I like to move the food around in my mouth, especially if it's tasty. I guess I use my right side slightly more often, though.

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    Doesn't usually matter except when I have some sort of mouth ulcer or wound I'm shifting the work from.

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    Predominantly on the right.

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    Both, I think. But now that I'm thinking about it I'm paying attention while I much these almonds at work. I'm biased now! :O

    Oh I'm using the right side now. So we'll go with that.

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    Have no idea, will have to check next time I'm chewing something.
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    When I chew, I need to chew on both sides, I can't just stand chewing on one side only, feels awkward.
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    Both, but now that I think about it, more often on the right.
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    When I eat I don't think about chewing it just happens, so I really have no idea. It's probably both.

    Now I'm going to be thinking about this every time I eat, thank you.
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    I alternate. I'll chew a certain number of times on one side and then chew the same number of times on the other

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    I'm going to blow your mind! Majority of my food, specially sweets on right site, spicy food always on the left... I'm weird like that.

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    Umm both sides i guess

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