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    Why would they add an achievement for leveling 11 classes to 90 when half of the classes in game are useless?

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    Now gear them all! Do dailies on them all! I got three to 90, And this is the first time since i started this game in 2007, that i feel like i'll never another alt.

    If mobs were like they were in Wrath. It would be a lot more fun to level my alts. But once you get into the Cataclysm stuff at 80, it starts to become a pain in the ass for me.

    Especially on a pvp server. Having people trying to after you pull a few mobs. But that doesn;t happen a lot. Just the thought of it happening always keeping me paranoid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korta View Post
    the day before yesterday I've completed a long long journey which I've started with the release of MoP... I've managed to level up every class to 90.
    Greetings from the U.S. and sincere congratulations on your accomplishment! The only other comment I would make is that it's been about six weeks now so the length of the journey to outsiders might not be as epic as it is to anyone who's done this. Long, long journeys of this sort for most people usually take a little longer than 40+ days.

    But nonetheless, it's something.
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    world first? over one month after release? maybe two weeks after release rofl
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    Quote Originally Posted by xBreak View Post
    This post was almost as bad as you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhar View Post
    The clueless commentary from the shortsighted peanut gallery is getting to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VanillaO View Post
    not everyone has the time or the available game time
    Since when does achievements have anything to do with time?

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    No you are not the first.

    And although you said "don't say it", I will. You are crazy, and apparently you still haven't been told enough times to realize that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathgoose View Post
    I had all 10 classes at 85 in Cataclysm and there was no meta achievement.
    because they didn't have account wide achievements in cataclysm

    Quote Originally Posted by Deathgoose View Post
    Why would I expect one for 11 classes at 90 in MoP?
    because there are achievements for leveling two, three, and five different classes to max level now. it's only logical to include achievements for more.

    i'm hoping for not just an achievement for all 11 classes, but for a continued line of double agent achievements, all 11 classes on both factions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klumb View Post
    as the previous post i say it is no world first.

    I *dinged* my last char last week on thursday. but im not mad that there is no achievment.
    but it would be great to be honored with an achievment like "The Insane" or something like that.
    Insane exists. But seeing how Blizzard reacts to community humor. [Has no Life] would be a top candidate for the title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilde View Post
    Why would they add an achievement for leveling 11 classes to 90 when half of the classes in game are useless?
    There's also an achievement for maxing out all primary professions... So yeah, there's logic behind what people say..

    OP: have you tried to suggest that topic in the official forums?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    Asians my friend. Asians. No matter what you do in a game there's some asian who has already done it
    Ha ha :-D Indeed they have a pretty nice gaming culture there ;-) In South Korea Starcraft-players are like rock stars ;-)


    I wrote a post in EU but I think it would be wise to have one in the US forums. Unfortunately I can't create a thread there without having an US-account. Someone else has to do it :-/
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    Gz! I'm just on my 6th character

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    I can't stand to level more than one character every few months. Congrats!

    As for the achievement...

    I'd go with "Player name" the experienced

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    Congrats! That is quite a feat. I honestly don't think I could do that, for a while atleast. Pandaria quests are nice but I don't want to burn myself out of the game just yet. I usually level alts when there is nothing else to do but I don't think I can do all classes like I did in previous expansions because I usually have them all at max level and only use 2-3 so only going to level the ones I really like

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    Personally I don't know whether I'll be able to withstand Dread Wastes 11 times...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanthalis View Post
    But how many of them are in raid qualitygear? Or PvP epics?
    Thank you for a giggle - quite a petty little sneer at someone who did something a bit different to almost everyone else in game whereas you - baa baa baa lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanthalis View Post
    But how many of them are in raid qualitygear? Or PvP epics?
    Who cares?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilde View Post
    Why would they add an achievement for leveling 11 classes to 90 when half of the classes in game are useless?
    If "half" of the classes in the game are "useless", then leveling all of them to 90 would be even more of an achievement, and even more deserving of recognition.

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    I'll get there eventually. Pacing myself this expansion, haha!

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    Grats! I thought there was an achievement for having all 11 capped, I'm pretty bummed there isn't.

    I leveled all 10 in Cata to 85, (and a second rogue on Alliance in preparation for Double Agent) and always said there should've been an achievement for it

    Maybe they'll add them in later. I think it kinda sucks it only stops at 5. :\

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomana View Post
    Personally I don't know whether I'll be able to withstand Dread Wastes 11 times...
    I didn't even have to touch Dread Wastes on my second toon, that leveled with rested all the way. I did one dungeon (Mogu'shan) at 89. Quested to 86 in Jade Forest, cleared ALL of Valley, Krasarang, and Kun-Lai, and got to skip the two annoying lines in Townlong (The investigation, which past the first step is annoying, and the Sumprushes)

    My hunter is nearly 89 and I'm not out of Kun-Lai yet. He did all of Jade Forest except the final chain with the mogu attacking the Pandaren village, has done two dungeons, and did all but the crock quests in Krasarang, and all of Valley.
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    Lol @ how many of them are in raid gear...

    Not to burst your bubble, but raiding is ez as balls. It's not a major achievement to be in raid gear. It is however, a major achievement to have leveled 50000000 characters to 90, shit takes perseverance.

    EDIT: Forgot to say grats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Gratz - yup...I think it needs an achievement....

    ..and it should be this.
    Something tells me that you have a lot of alts...
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