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    If you pvp then stoneform might be useful, but in PVE it's useless.
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    Night Elf Female omnomnom, but if you're an reputation farmer go human male.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyperionx View Post
    If you pvp then stoneform might be useful, but in PVE it's useless.
    10% damage reduction is useless for tanking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agli View Post
    I've been thinking about this project for a while now and I still haven't come to the conclusion on which race I should roll for what I want to achieve in-game.

    The main aim of my DK is to be my main character and to be soloing anything I can get my bloodstained sword on, I'm an achievement hunter so I'm partial to the reputation gains from human as-well as the every man for himself racial. However I keep getting distracted by the Night Elves 2% Dodge/Parry racial.

    Has anyone got any advice for me?
    I would personally say Worgen, Human, NE, or Dwarf. Any one of those will get you a decent benefit. Humans are the only ones on that list without a battle enhancing benefit EMFH being a racial trinket ofc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pottunokka View Post
    Dwarf. Case closed.
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    Human, not because they're the best but because they into the whole Scourge Death Knight scenario better.

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    Go gnome or go home.

    But don't count out the worgen sprint (if you aren't going gnome like you should), I love that ability.

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