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    Bump! In need of raiders!

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    Thread title is very outdated.
    We're at 6/6 MSV heroic, 4/4 ToES normal and very close to 6/6 HoF heroic.

    We're currently looking for a tank.
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    Just downed Empress Heroic.
    Still looking for a tank!


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    We just killed Lei Shi Heroic and we're now at 6/6 hc MSV, 6/6 hc HoF and 1/4 hc ToES.

    Still looking for a tank ~

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    Just killed Protectors in ToES on non-Elite mode.

    We're now 14/16 heroic. - 6/6 MSV, 6/6 HoF and 2/4 ToES.

    Still looking for a tank! Preferably Warrior or Monk but if you're cute enough you might get in anyway. :>

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