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    Hahaha if you make no mistakes you will not learn and you learn what is life worth living knowing what little you know and seeking no more?
    I don't age I level up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergtau View Post
    Stupid risks shouldn't be taken.
    Those are the only kinds of risks. Otherwise, they wouldn't be risks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunner_recall View Post
    Those are the only kinds of risks. Otherwise, they wouldn't be risks.

    A stupid risk is where the reward is trivial compared to what is risked.

    If you really think what you said is true...

    Bergtau's Law: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability that somebody will mention Godwin's Law approaches 1.
    Hitler wasn't all bad, I mean, he DID kill Hitler.
    An accident is something that you did not mean to do at all. A mistake is something that you regret doing.

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    Don't generalize and don't be biased.

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    Don't ask strangers on the internet about your life choices.

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    Always wear a condom

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    Bring a towel.
    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
    I don't think you're having so much a thought but rather complete mental diarrhea all over the internet and your keyboard and it's not pretty or even logical.

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    Your welcome

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    Learn from your mistakes.

    If in doubt, give it a clout (talking objects here, not people :P), if that fails: Gaffer tape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolson13 View Post

    Your welcome

    Your very welcome

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