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    Isn't the maintenance supposed to be today?

    Before I logged in at the left side of the screen it said that there is a weekly maintenance today and it starts at 5:00 PST and ends at 11:00 PST.
    But it let me on and I can still play

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    My mobile armory says US Sargeras is down but the main website says all realms are up. It even kicked us off... Hope I did not miss Galleon.

    The official status page is just dumb, vast majority of realms are actually down, but some ARE up. Can't get in, they are probably going down soon.
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    I was able to log in onto my main server (echo isles), but when trying to log into the game itself (choosing a character and clicking enter world) it loads to 95%, stops for about 90 seconds, then kicks me off to the login screen.

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    I noticed that a lot of the serveres are down but some how Quel Dorei or however you spell it (which is the one I use) is still up.

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