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    Nah, wrong.
    More like European Ancenstry.
    Nah Wrong
    Native south americans came over the bering strait when it was a land bridge from asia.

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    No offense but you look like Ghostcrawler, hes cool and so are you.

    I am no expert of this but maybe you should contact some psychologist or what they are called again (im bad at English) and gain some self respect. Then you can like try dating a shorter woman.

    Im not judging you but people who are getting used and looked down upon might have social phobia which makes them have a hard time to say "no".
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    Quote Originally Posted by zipos View Post
    We do without absolutely wrong automatically know which factor a will of steel instinctively prove
    First post, gibberish necro.
    Well 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me
    Because you look so fine
    And I really wanna make you mine

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    Closing due to necro.

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