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    So why did you drop out of school if you wanted all these things like jobs/money/etc?

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    Two of my cousins are as tall as me, and I'm not too much taller than you. Female, 5'3". He's 21, just like you. And has these same exact issues. His mom is 4'9", and his dad is 6'3", coming from a tall family. His brother is still in high school, and has a lot of potential. BUT, he bulked up, and joined the Navy. He's a cryp (does intell stuff), and is also a personal trainer for those that CANNOT pass their PFT. He's doing absolutely amazing, parties a lot, and all the girls love him. I don't see why you're complaining. You're not the only short person in the world.

    I've had a chronic illness my entire life (17 years, I'm 24). I'm a Type I Diabetic (juvenile onset, insulin dependent) I CANNOT join the military. Most jobs find out I'm Diabetic, and will let me go because they feel an auto-immune disorder I cannot control will cause too many sick days in the future. Which. Is. Not. True. So I have to deal with misconceptions, too. I HATE explaining the differences between Type I and II. Explaining why I'm not obese. Hate having to go to the doctor every 3 months, taking injections everyday, getting vials of my blood taken Yeah, you're not the only one with problems. I don't let it bother me because it was the hand of cards I was dealt when I was born. Suck it up.

    Oh. That aunt that was 4'9"? She joined the Navy, too. Retired as an E8 (senior chief), and was in for 20 years. She didn't let being short bug her. If anything, my cousin and my aunt used it to their advantage. And she has a form of dwarfism, too. Not sure which one...

    Point of the matter is; just be yourself. Pull yourself up by the boot straps, and suck it up. Someone will eventually fall in love with you. You need to make your own path to greatness like everyone else.

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    Join the club. We have cookies. On the bottom shelf, of course.

    If a video game developer removed tumors from players, they'd whine about nerfing their loss in weight and access to radiation powers.

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    I have had college classes with someone who is as short as you are and looks very young, but he is married and well on his way to getting a degree in environmental science. You are only as screwed as you choose to be. On that note, dropping out of college to play WoW definitely sounds like your screwing yourself over. It is choices like that which will determine your success or failure. Make them wisely and you can succeed, make them foolishly and you are destined to fail.
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    Take a look at Danny DeVito, he's short, and succesfull. And I'm pretty sure he can get those ladies aswell. Dont let your height stand in yourway ever

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    Apply for the hobbit, get rich and tall people will be jelly... no seriously I am fat and I don't give a crap I have a sexy gf, a business and I get laid everday.. less qq more pewpew

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    have you tried stone skin? It makes you like 12" taller, still ahve the funny looking arms but it helps!

    just kidding.

    If life throws you lemons, pick em up and throw em back yelling "F..K Lemonade"

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    This thread makes me as 6,43ft tall feel like a giant. Cool.

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    Enjoy looking young. It's a good thing. You're still really young. Trust me, when you get older you won't care. Your height is the least of your worries. Be happy that you're healthy. People when they're young don't seem to understand that, all they care about is getting girls and fixate on silly things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eniah View Post
    This thread makes me as 6,43ft tall feel like a giant. Cool.
    643 ft is pretty tall so yeah you are a giant.

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    20 is a shitty age man. I have terrible social anxiety issues that make interaction horrifying. I turned to alcohol and drugs (didn't help). I would suggest counseling, but it doesn't exist in this day and age. Except for the really rich or the really fucked up.

    Having friends younger than you isn't that big a deal, you're still young yourself. Living with your parents is a real ego killer, I delivered pizzas myself at your age and dropped out of a ton of colleges. (Couldn't handle all the strange people and awkward situations)

    No one equation fits all. The internet should help your situation, eventually. You'll have to fight through a few tough years till you get some good job skills and become a professional. Then you'll have what I would have killed for as a youth, internet dating. Just try to stay away from addictive, life numbing gaming till then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daalton View Post
    -wall of text-
    To answer your question yes, yes you are.

    In all seriousness find out what you want and go for it, within reason of course. Find a hobby you enjoy doing (that doesn't eat up time like WoW does) and do it. Go see a psych to help straighten out your obvious self esteem problems. You won't need to spend a massive amount of time there but they will certainly help.

    Most importantly, don't rely on random strangers to make you feel good about yourself. People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling. They will put you down just to raise them up. Once you get some self confidence the ladies will become a lot more interested in you which will raise your self confidence even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daalton View Post
    It's a lot easier said man, I can't just wake up one day and be confident and grown up.
    It is... which is why I recommend you see a psychologist. It's easy for people to say you should just do x and y, the fact is everyone is not the same. Everyone doesn't and everyone can not deal with issues the same other people do. Some people need to see a professional, some people need to mull it over themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daalton View Post
    I am, my growth chart has leveled out ever since I was 17-18.
    How do you expect to society accept you and other people accept you in a relationship if you don't even accept yourself? That's the key issue here, you are not accepting yourself as who you are, and that creates insecurity issues, and that comes over in social interaction, making you less attractive to other people. Confidence is attractive more so than anything else.

    Yes, your conditions affect your life, quite obviously. But you cannot let it get the better of you, that's what they mean with "you cannot let it affect you". Your self image is at the core of the issues you've been having with girlfriends and friends and what not. Accept yourself. Love yourself for what you are. Because if you do not love yourself, why should anyone else? Try to focus on bringing out the positive aspects of you more rather than thinking the negative, such as your appearance, as you seem to think, to bring you down.
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    Everything is in your head. Absolutely everything. You have a bad image of yourself and you are projecting it to other people.
    The solution is very simple. Join a martial arts club. With enough training you will have no problem with beating someone significantly taller than you, which is a very strong self esteem boost. Enough to change they way you see yourself, which will change the way people see you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    643 ft is pretty tall so yeah you are a giant.
    anyone being 643 ft tall is surely a giant, unlucky for me I'm 6,43.

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    You really making this much of a fuss because of your height ? wtf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
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    OP--I would honestly talk with your doctor about your feelings. I get the sense after reading your post that your obsession with your height has already turned into a kind of body dismorphia. It can be unhealthy.

    My only suggestion is to the remind yourself that there are some things you can't control. For example, I'm gay. It can be frustrating sometimes knowing that I have a severely reduced dating pool. The vast majority of people are straight, so it just puts you behind the 8 ball even more in that regard. However, at some point I had to stop being bothered by elements out of my control and instead focus on what I do have control over. So focus on developing the parts of yourself that you can actively develop (fitness, career, etc) and stop worrying about things like your height.

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    I also like your shirt, dude!

    & P.S. as long as you're smiling, most people have every reason to like you...unless you're a CEREAL killer (cuz no one likes an empty box of fruit loops..)

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    I laughed at this: was funny for some reason. xD

    How the **** am I just supposed to not let this effect me,
    Honestly bro, you seem cool as shit to chill with. I'm a lot like you when it comes to my happiness slipping away as i'm getting older, i'm around the same age as you. But i literally force myself to think positive and push through better days. It WILL come for you, me, and others if you just keep hope, and keep moving forward. I used to be realllllly short all my life, till i grew to average height in my late teens. I never let it get to me, and I rarely thought about it, and my confidence would shine through, and i never had trouble with girls/friends because of that confidence.

    Think positive think positive, train yourself. Eventually you won't worry as much about everything, and things will fall into place for you in life if you want it/let it. Good luck man.
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