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    Natural Selection at work

    If only it had been an M80..

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    Quote Originally Posted by n1ck301 View Post
    If only it had been an M80..
    Didn't know what an M80 was.. thankfully there was a video of a homemade one, and it exploded like crazy LOL

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    I can't lie I used to dumb stuff like this when I was a teenager.

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    What a fucking idiot. Seriously. Blowing up firecrackers in his mouth? Is he asking to be deformed for the rest of his life?
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    That wasn't even entertaining, I don't get it

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    Thread title is wrong, he survived (sadly).
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    He didnt even lose any teeth.. if anything these videos might encourage others to try it at home instead of serving as a lesson.

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    I love videos like this, shame it never had the outcome I was hoping for.

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    More or less what I expected. Since the explosion wasn't contained his teeth didn't take most of the force. Its the difference between lighting a firework off on an open palm vs in a closed fist.
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    I gotta be honest. That buildup was scarier to watch than a Saw movie. I thought the firecracker was gonna EXPLODEEE. But like. Nothing happened..
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    Quote Originally Posted by n1ck301 View Post
    If only it had been an M80..
    Really? I'm glad it wasn't. Then again, I'm no Internet tough guy.
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    Shame it didn't do any damage so the moron would learn a lesson.

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    How stupid... do you have to be? Seriously? What the hell...
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    Online dating turned into circumcision discussion. Good job MMO-C, it only took 25 pages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Moon View Post
    Thread title is wrong, he survived (sadly).
    Seems deprived to wish death on people. Especially if they're not mass murders or genocide creators.

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    Also, how is having more stupidity around a good thing for anyone? I don't necessarily want him dead, but sterile would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themius View Post
    Seems deprived to wish death on people. Especially if they're not mass murders or genocide creators.
    He's depraved on account o' he's deprived?
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    I'm surprised you guys don't realize just how weak a firecracker is. They are designed to be loud, that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH8472 View Post
    I love videos like this, shame it never had the outcome I was hoping for.
    Yeah, the video didn't deliver.

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    the best part was him screaming like a little girl
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    Let's see, someone (a kid) is acting like an idiot and half of the responses so far are, what, "Too bad he didn't die."?

    Can someone please explain to me since when is being an idiot a matter of choice and not a character trait which one can't control?

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