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    New loading screen tips

    Damn these are so retarded (in a funny way), last one seen was "nobody has seen alleria or tyraliyon for years" and "raid finder versions of 25 man raids offer the most epic world of warcraft experiences!" funny stuff.

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    not sure if really think its funny, or trying to flame LFR like many others :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntaer View Post
    or trying to flame LFR like many others :P
    no lfr is good, but the tip itself is just funny. but moreover the "nobody has seen alleria or tyralon for years." just seemed so irrelevant for being a game tip. it's not really a tip, that's why it was kind of funny whoever thought it would fit as loading screen tip.

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    You do know "nobody has seen alleria or tyraliyon for years" has been there since Cataclysm right?
    It's not even close to new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malenurse View Post
    Damn these are so retarded (in a funny way)
    Is this a generational thingie to use "retard" or "retarded" as insults? It looks so childish.

    I wonder if these kids say this stuff in their 20s, as then it really would look retarded (like calling your mother "mommy" until you're 50). -_-
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