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    Emerald Dream in game zone

    I remember various people managing to get in the Emerald Dream in-game. Exploits, bugs, private servers, doesn't even matter.

    Stuff like this is what I'm talking about:

    I also remember how in BC quite a few stuff appeared there and in Wrath the mountains were retextured and more foliage was added. But I recently watched someone do the exploration of it in Cataclysm, and nothing seems to have changed anymore.
    I was wondering if anything might have changed in MoP of sorts? I don't care if there will ever be an Emerald Dream expansion, maybe the zones were for a raid, who knows?

    All I want to know is if anyone knows anyone who's been there since MoP and if there have been any changes whatsoever?

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    Hey, that's my old video !

    Nothing new has been added in ED since... well, early Cataclysm
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