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    I've yet to win Temple out of at least 25 games.
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    Tried them both for the first time today, one game each place and won

    I like them - let's hope it stays that way, and I find them so refreshing from AV's "guard this shit for 4 mins", SotA/IoC's vehicle snorefest and to some extent "guard this node for the entire game" and the occasional "FC with three resto druids - I hate my life".

    You see, I'm a bit selfish. All I want to do, is to have a good game. I'm not overly concerned about winning/losing; as long as it was fun, I'm happy, which I feel some BGs (SotA/AV/IoC) ruin, due to how unnecessarily pve orientated they are
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    The mine is my fav pretty cool bg out out the new two. but I like all the smaller bg's I dislike AV,IOC and the beach 1 but thats my personal opinion

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    Temple of whatever is an extremely lame copy of Black Garden bg from Rift and I absolutely despise it, while mines are ''eeeeeh'' at best.
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    I love them both, I really liked the Cata BGs too (just about the only thing that expansion did right).

    I can only hope they keep pushing out BGs of that quality.

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    I like them both, feels very refreshing.

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