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    Inb4 Romney Revenge Fanfiction

    It was a dark night for Romney, He had just lost the election to become president of the United States by 100 Electoral Votes. He often thought, what he had won? He thought, he sulked, he waited. At some points he thought this was a dream, No, Nightmare that he couldn't wake up from. Paul Ryan left his sight, sickened that he lost the election against Obama. He thought to himself, "Why did the people want HIM back, am I really that bad?" These thoughts raced through his head, His arms slouched over on limo's windowsill as it began to pour rain. He wanted to be alone and took a separate one home from the rest of his family, Ann, his five sons, and his 18 Grandchildren.

    He couldn't shake the feeling of anger for Barrack Obama from his mind; No, his soul. He hated Obama with a passion and couldn't bare to see him ever again, or he could strangle the president with his bare hands. 'Thats it.' He thought, as a new objective came to his mind, as he arrived at his hotel 12 Miles away from the former home of his 2012 Campaign, he entered his bedroom, and opened the drawer swiftly, looking for the one possession that he needed to find. He reached his hand into the drawer, drawing a small black handgun labeled 'Romney/Ryan' on it. He smiled a deep, almost insane smile, without facial expression, he exited his room. walking out of the Hotel and into the wet and rainy streets.

    "No Longer is it Romney Ryan, No.." He gave an evil, maniacal chuckle.

    "It is Romney Revenge."
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    There are plenty of election threads around to discuss the election.

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