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    Post Death Knight vs Warrior, which is more fun?

    I wanna level up one of these guys and they both are tons of fun? Which one do you guys think I should level up?

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    They don't usually allow these types of threads but I can't seem to level a warrior and I love my DK, however my wife's main for life will always be her warrior (its just too much of a personal preference). Try both is my only suggestion or go to each forum and ask why they like their class.

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    These kind of threads are now allowed as per forum rules.

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    Questions about "what is more fun" is just too subjective to have an answer. I find DK's to be awesome. I also find half my friends hate them. It's all personal and thus there is no real answer...and these threads just end up pointless spam filled with everyone's opinion, fighting, and flaming.
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