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    84 Hunter Twink

    I was thinking about making a lvl 84 twink for pure fun, because i think that with the MoP BoE items it will be freaking OP.
    Have any of you encountered any of these 84 twinks? And what do you think?

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    I have encountered a few. Let me tell you this. I was playing Prot warrior, a few lvl 80 PvP pieces. And I died instantly. Trust me, with the lvl 84 BoE mop items, it will be insane. I'd say: Have fun!

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    Sweet! Sounds awesome.
    I'll be making one for sure!

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    I've been thinking of doing the same with Ret Paladin. I got a Paladin at lvl 78 now. So it should be fine for that.

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