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    [H]reconcile eu chamber of aspects

    Reconcile is a newly formed semi-hardcore 10 man pve progression guild, we are formed of friends who have been apart for a long time, and finally comeing together to start a new guild.

    We have individually experiance for MSV 1/6 heroic and HoF 2/6 normal.

    We are a few ppl short of starting raiding, so we are currently looking for 3 ranged dps, mage, warlock, shadow priest and boomkin.
    aswell as 2 healers, (any but paladin)

    We intend to be competeing with the best that Chamber of Aspects have to offer.

    We will be raiding Wensday, Sunday and monday from 18.30 to 23.00


    Apply here if you think you have what it takes to be with the best.

    You can also whisper me ingame Hysnalit (Do note that we are still on the darksorrow realm since we have not yet transfered)
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    IGN Joe FC: 1908 - 0405 - 5213

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    Bump still need healers
    IGN Joe FC: 1908 - 0405 - 5213

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    IGN Joe FC: 1908 - 0405 - 5213

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    IGN Joe FC: 1908 - 0405 - 5213

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    bumps, yes please
    IGN Joe FC: 1908 - 0405 - 5213

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