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  • Necro

    45 48.91%
  • Mesmer

    18 19.57%
  • Thief

    17 18.48%
  • Hunter

    12 13.04%
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    Exclamation Least played Profession

    What do you think is the least played prof at this point, and why?

    Ranger not hunter. sry.
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    There is no hunter, and you missed 4 professions. (5 if you include my smart ass remark)

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    I know but I can`t delete / edit nothing in there

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    In tPvP I would have to guess Ranger and then maybe Necro or Elementalist ... but all I have is anecdotal evidence. If I had to guess, it's because of all the "roles" in the point capture play, there are always classes who are better defenders, better roamers, better strikers, etc. But, again, that is just from my experience.

    Every team has a guardian and a mesmer and a thief, usually. And then there are lots of engineers and warriors as well.

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    Anyone who votes Mesmer does not tPvP

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    According to GW2 census, all professions are pretty close. The least played are Mesmers and Engineers based on info Anet release.

    I believe female Charr Mesmer is the rarest bird in GW2. Again, according to Anet.

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    The only thing anet really released on the subject was a chart. I can't link the bigger/better quality version of it due to the Anet blog posts past page 2 currently not working.

    It shows Mesmer = Engineer < Thief = Guardian < Elementalist < Ranger < Warrior. Or something, hard to tell with the image being that small and blurry (Also no actual numbers). Was posted like a month ago so is out of date, but I doubt the numbers changed that significantly.

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    Wish they hadn't used little symbols. I don't what the hell the turtle or teardrop symbols mean. >.>

    Fuck your cryptic ways, Anet.

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    Top right chart from left to right is - Engineer / Thief / Elementalist / Warrior / Mesmer / Ranger / Guardian
    Bottom left chart from left to right is - Norn / Charr / Asura / Sylvari / Human
    Bottom right chart from left to right is - Weaponsmith / Hunstman / Armorsmith / Cook / Leatherworker / Artificer / Jeweler


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    as far as dungeons go, Warrs and Guardians still hold the largest numbers, IMO.

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    Just from my experience I'd say necromancers and engineers are the least played professions.

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    I rarely see any thieves.

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    on Desolation at least, there are PLENTY of necros. Both sPvP and PvE.

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    I'm sure it varies a lot depending on servers.

    I wonder what the true ranger population is outside of the bots.

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    Last month Arenanet did a huge census of their player's races, classes and professions. And Mesmer was the least played class by a very large margin.

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    Why doesn't that little graph have necromancers on it? Is there number so statistically insignificant that it just doesn't appear, or did they forget one of their own professions?

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    The original graph has necros on it. That one that delias put up has been cropped.

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    It's really hard to tell. I've seen a lot of every profession so far, but I guess I will go with Necros as they currently have a lot of bugs.

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    I think the Thief number will fall after the next patch, since AN promised a nerf to Backstab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eorayn View Post
    I rarely see any thieves.
    That's because they are near perma stealthed waiting to gank you in PvP. ;P

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    The graphs are obviously a much better measurement, but from my personal experiences I would have to say engineer.

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