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    Decided on the 7850 but...

    I am not sure if it will fit in my computers case. /facepalm to the desk at 100mph. I just got this computer from bestbuy a few months ago so I can't build a new computer or anything. My cases size according to best buy is

    Product Height

    product depth 14.2

    Product Width


    Product Weight

    17.2 lbs.
    Has a couple pictures if visuals help. I am really hoping i didn't eff up.
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    most of the 7850s measure right under about 10 inches. Your case more than likely fit it in general the worsdt case scenerio would be maybe ripping a hardrive bay out and having to do a slight modification for your harddrive mount. Id be more worried about your no name brand 300w psu.
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    Yea, no doubt I plan on getting a much higher wattage psu. Thanks for the feedback btw

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    Everyone agree it will fit?

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