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    Mythic Xhul and omnus tanking

    Hey guys - our raid group is currently progressing on mythic Xhul and i am having a very frustrating issue while tanking omnus. Basically i am losing threat to the other tank later in the fight causing us to wipe.
    We are both paladins and about equally geared, only diff is our build...im running defensive (preference during progression) with DP/HS he is running HA/Sera.

    Im tanking Void, he tanks fel and everything goes well until about the time cd's/ring are back up and i just lose ominous to him at about the 35%-30% mark.

    The current argument is im casting too many wog and not enough sotr to hold ominous. Looking at damage done on last pull he is above me on damage even tho im sitting on omnus full time just getting off of him when taunting and smacking xhul a few times then back on omnus.

    This threat problem has never been an issue throughout our entire mythic hfc progress when we are running same build and i can switch to HA/Sera like i do on farm, but as a matter of personal preference, like i said during progression i prefer to play a little cautious and defensive.

    Logs of the last 2 pulls, last 2 pulls because they were our best ones and we wiped both times to the same issue.


    Early pulls are messy as we were getting our swaps in order and whatnot.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    So first of all: HA\Sera + Libram + ungliphedDP - are the best here

    Also I see that you are 3tanking it - that is possible but not really necessary. You (2paladins) have great tools to survive that encounter + lots of external CDs from warrior, 2 ret paladins and disc
    + you both can help each other with Sac on co-tank

    but nevermind
    according to logs i cannot see that Omnusare casting to the co-tank anything that can trigger Annihilation
    you both perform taunts properly

    the only thing that i see via logs - that your bear gets annihilation by receiving Green Dot from Imps/pulls on the ground.

    also in terms of ring:
    the best time to use ring - when Omnus appears
    in that case all of tanks got save value from ring - at that point of time Omnus in general begin to cast his gaze + Xhul cast
    as soon as ring is popped - you have to burst Omnus to get as much aggro as you can
    your paladin co-tank - to Akkelion
    and bear to Xhul

    I assume that during that ring you will get enough aggro to keep omnus on you
    Also your paladin co-tank HAVE to sit on the boss only after Akkelion death (in case any aggro issue)

    just some remarks from my raid:
    i'm doing Xhul with HA/Sera+Libram/Kilrogg+ungliphedDP
    co-tank bear
    bear on green, i'm on purply
    from pull sit on Xhul and as soon as he starts to cast purple gates to summon void/purple adds - taunt the boss
    keep AS for Omnus
    as soon as Omnus appears - pop ring+ha+sera and burn omnus as hell
    i keep Omnus as my target until he dies - just taunting xhul on mouse-over/marco for his purple cast

    bear keep on sitting on akkelion burning it down also taunting the boss only for green cast

    no aggro issues in general until Libram procs under ring+sera for 1+million on Akkelion

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    ^ Thanks for the tips


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    Two paladins having threat issues, really simple solution there: toggle righteous fury. Both of you should be tunneling your own add and only touching the boss with cleave and taunts, watch your threat meter and if one of you is losing threat then just say so over voice and the other can /cancelaura their RF. If they start losing threat on their own add them just put it back on again.

    Not recommended, but worst comes to worst you can take off LoV and run focused shield. This is a major performance loss though.

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