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    What are you most excited about come WoD?

    I have noticed a lot of... Well I guess general discontent about a lot of changes/additions that are coming with WoD and I would like to see some positivity on this board as I am planning on raiding on my paladin in the next expansion but all the negativity I'm seeing in a lot of threads is bumming me out. So my question to everyone is what are you excited about coming up in WoD?

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    honestly, not a lot

    my guild doesn't play any more, none of my friends play any more, the most i have to look forward to is the levelling content, then LFR - although i guess i am looking forward to the new raid finder thing for flex modes, so i can find pugs easily. i guess it's fairly similar to openraid, but i never used it, as it came about just as i stopped caring.

    honestly, i'm hoping i get beta so i can see how much the expansion sucks before i blow cash on it
    edit: or find out it's awesome and that i must buy it, but somehow, i think i'll be dissapointed.

    blizz have a finger in too many pies these days, they have shitloads of content that needs to be updated for every patch/expansion release and it's got to the point where it actually starts hurting the rest of the game. if blizz can pull their finger out and release content at a steady pace, they might recover. but leave long lull's with no content and the ship will sink.
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    I can have a Garrison with Dwarven Guards, a Dwarven Bunker, a Gnomish Inventor's Lab AND my own personal Mine?!! This Dwarf is satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokii View Post
    honestly, not a lot
    I think you missed the point of this thread.

    Anyway. i'm really excited about retribution this expansion. i really like the seal-twisting mechanics! I have never played a paladin in my entire wow career but always wanted to. I haven't had an opportunity to play one, since i've always been horde and don't like tauren and belfs. Now me and a couple of friends are going alliance for wod so i am super excited about that! also i LOVE the art and layout of the new zones. I haven't been this excited for an expansion ever!

    I also plan to just stick to ONE class from now on. I've always been an altoholic, which has hindered my progress in the game, since i just keep making new alts whenever i get bored of a class. and it really appeals to me that paladins have a spec for each role, so if i get bored of dps'ing i can either heal or tank, i don't have to make a new class for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaksine View Post
    I think you missed the point of this thread.
    i was hoping to come in here and find things to make me excited about WoD, then it turned out i was the first one here and worried that there wouldn't be any replies at all, so i had to post something!
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    Personally I am excited about actually getting to do progression raiding. I have always wanted to play a paladin but never had one at cap, well a buddy of mine came back to wow and we refilled together as alliance on KT and I jumped on the chance to main a paladin. Well a few guilds later there I am with the chance to either raid tank or go ret (my choice as one of the first true raiders to join the guild) now to just decide if I want to raid tank as I have never done it before, little nervous about the idea tbh. But ret pvp looks promising so I may have to dive head first into that also. Loving the class so far and can't wait to try out the level 100 talents.

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    Raiding. Because as for the paladin changes and poor talent options there is little to be excited about for the class

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    The class, as with most of them is not looking too bright. But the actual HM raiding content looks really fucking good. At this point I've tested or wrote about the vast majority of encounters and most of them are great. I'm still not sure if I'll actually play though, because the game is plundering new levels of shit on a few fronts, but right now the raid design is the shining jewel in that metaphorical pile of shit.
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    I haven't been following any beta footage so also looking forward to the lvling and to check the new zones and whatnot

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    Garrisons I guess, it's nearly like small Sims-like minigame

    Sadly, not too excited about changes to the class in general and protection especially. I understand the pain and tears of many DPS that I outdamaged on many fights, and I actually like the fact I'll be able to finally kill something out in the open world without it taking half an hour, but basically taking away all the self-healing [did anyone see how much Sacred Shield absorbs for? It's like ~20k absorb out of ~300k hit.] and utility besides Hands [no more raid wall, no more vengeance-boosted Light's Hammer], therefore leaving my survival in the hands of a healer, with me being able to make myself more like 3-shottable instead of 2-shottable, yay! - is totally not my idea of fun. But well, gotta tank anyway, got bored of being DPS whore back in ICC [Sense Undead, you will not be forgotten.] and I generally dislike healing.

    At least they're not taking away our bubble. Imagine the outrage.

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    What am i most excited for concerning WoD? For it to end lol.

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    Retribution PvP and Ashran

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    Just the adventure 90-100 to see the artwork and zones. Don't give a shit about the rest of it.
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    for some reasons I'm not that excited anymore, cus there are too many good games that will be released in November, WoD is one of em. Assasins Creed Unity, Dragon Age Inquisition, CoD Advance Warfare, FarCry 4.
    but I kinda love the garrison idea in WoD.

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    I'm very excited for WOD, mostly Garrisons, Squish and Bloat removal but quite excited for the story also.

    As a Paladin, well I don't know how excited I am, or if I will play a Paladin. In MOP I kind of replaced my Paladin with a Monk, largely because I dislike Holy and usually end up healing. But I've had my Paladin since late Vanilla and my OCD has issues dealing with re-rolling.

    In WOD, both healing specs are looking a bit shite (Holy Vs MW) and I would rather play another healing class, but overall, I still prefer Monk/Paladin over other classes and MW more than Holy.

    So we'll see. I'm still excited, I'm just a bit reserved as I don't know what I'll be playing. I don't want a repeat of MOP where I leveled my Paladin solely for certain achievements (beloved!). I will however, keep playing my Paladin, even at level 90 to finish off achievements and Argent Mounts for the 250 Achievement.

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    Excited about Paladins? You're joking right?

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    Probably the squish and just the fact that we're getting new content. Not incredibly keen on the theme of the expansion but the final raid has me interested. The new raiding system is interesting.

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    soo soo much. cant wait for it. I still haven't decided what to main I have 9 90s and my 10th is at 76

    Being a raid leader and struggling filling tanks and healers on my low pop realm I am really looking forward to the raid finder feature.
    New bank space and stackable reagents
    heirloom tab when it comes
    and I really dig the story and going to draenor. (wc2 and wc3 player and BC was the best expansion to me)

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    It's actually quite fun to watch the different classes write about WoD, I dont think there is a single class who is happy about WoD, although Mages seem to be quite happy about the PvE changes, they are extremely unhappy about the PvP aspect.

    I guess most classes will be ok if they're all "shit"

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    A new raid tier, primarily!

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