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    [HOLY]Aura of sacrifice

    Anyone able to tell me an optimal rotation to use during aura mastery?
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    I assume it would be the same than for Virtue no?

    Pre cast Bestow Faith
    Cast flash of light
    Mastery during/at the end of the cast
    Holy Shock
    Light of dawn
    Fill with FoL

    And of course as many HS and LoD as possible depending if you pop wings at the same time to increase even more the throughput or not...

    Do not hesitate to complete if I missed something...

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    judgment before the first fol
    even without ring you dont want to put it up in the aura window and dont want it to be missing either

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    (Wings and Holy Avenger and Tyrs pre cast)
    (Bestow Faith or Hammer pre cast)
    (Divine Shield pre cast)
    Judgement of Light
    Aura Mastery just before the big hit
    --------BIG HIT----------
    Holy Shock

    You could potentially also lose the second FOL and cast one right after you use Aura Mastery instead to coincide with the big hit
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    oh yeah dont forget rule of law if you're not stacked

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    Why the Divine Shield?

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