Thread: Mounts addon?

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    Mounts addon?

    Hello guys. I was wondering if you know about any addon for mounts that works like Ackis Recipe List.
    It scans what mounts I have and then I can see which I don't have and where I can get them.

    Kind regards, Broober.

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    Collectionator! It is missing some Mists stuff but should give you a rough idea.

    At work so I can't get on curse itself to link you.

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    MountainOMounts addon. Haven't tried it myself, I might though, sounds like what you were looking for.

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    It actually uses the same format as Ackis, so it's rather easy to use.

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    Big thanks to all of you!

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    Collect Me. Works for companion pets and titles too.

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    I just tried MountainOfMounts, and it didn't work. It may be because it's only compatible for 4.2.
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    just change to own region, server and character

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