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    Confused and uncertain what it's trying to be and for who.

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    Wrath was much better.

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    Highly hyped and lived up to my expectation.

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    Glorious!!! in oceanic now Lol

    5172-1206-0622 pokemon FC Lets Battle!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovestar View Post
    Confused and uncertain what it's trying to be and for who.
    So much this.

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    its freaking amazeballs with sugar coating.

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    Silly Pandas, World of Dailycraft

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    "Privilege is invisible to those who have it."

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    Thought I was all wowed out but those lady pandas are too cute, should be rep increases for going round /loving them!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    A really fun, and interesting xpack, probaly my favorit
    (i am 20 and dyslexic so yes i suck at spelling)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovestar View Post
    Confused and uncertain what it's trying to be and for who.
    exactly.. nothing about MoP seems to make any sense as to why its here.... pandas feel sooo out of place.. WTF are they doing as a playable race, they look shit and dont fit..

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    Same shit, except served on a fancier plate.

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    What's "less than one senten

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    I love doing daily quests.

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    It is the only subscription based MMO left with more than 250 k confirmed players.

    In fact it just took that number x 40.

    It is also the only game where over 1 million players per region can play together 24/24 and 7/7 l thank you cross server open world play and Battletag ...

    As of now single server play with 500 people on it is ancien history. The competition will now face an unbridgeable gap of multi server play without loading screens ...

    Good luck to these old WoW killers gone free to play: they'll need it.
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    I like the new pretty mounts =3
    I play many games. WoW, Rift, D3, PoE, SC2 I will not criticize your game choice if you don't mine.

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    Almost there.
    Nothing worth having comes easy. That's why hard content is worth doing, and easy content is a waste of time.

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    the pvp bots are very advanced.
    "Just because you read it on the internet, doesn't mean the person actually said it." - Thomas Jefferson

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    There is no time for real life jobs.

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