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    How did MoP changes(pvp wise) get past alpha?

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    Something for everyone. Nothing for someone.

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    Fantastic! I love the atmosphere, and how much you can do. Dailies are a burden.

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    There are finally tons of things for me to do each day just as I entered a point in my life where I don't have enough time to do a bunch of things each day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesmall001 View Post
    Something for everyone. Nothing for someone.
    Well said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bledgor View Post
    World of grindaria? God be glad none of you played during vanilla....... had to grind every day for hours to prepare for raid, oh and that didn't get you the gold you needed to repair either.

    As for my 1 sentence 'A return to the right road', great expansion so far, heading back the right way for raiding, time involvement, content to do.
    If you though Vanilla was a grind i guess you never played everquest.

    It isn't the fact there is a grind that is annoying what is annoying is players feel forced to do some of those grinds aka daily's but thats a different topic for a different day.
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    Without cooldowns you're nothing.

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    Attention to Detail
    Quote Originally Posted by Xarim View Post
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    Worst PVP in 7 years.

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    There are stuff i like, and stuff i dont like. This is WoW, and ive enjoyed the game since Vanilla, and i still do. Great expansion aswell, like they all have been
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    Reset Arena Ratings after 5.1 and I will be happier since when can a bugged class be "fine" for 3 weeks with arenas open

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    there is nothing new(i don't count new races/classes)...

    the only true new thing is pet battles and even then it's underwhelming. where is the new professions or class evolution(paladin to templar or whatever)

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    With account-wide mounts, pets, and achievements, I expected 4.3s alt friendliness on steroids; what I got was a massive pile of grindfest.

    Further explanation:
    LFR has been a nightmare for me. A lot of mechanics people just don't seem to be getting and causing wipes again and again is getting old.

    VP cap taking a lot of time to reach is frustrating. Beyond that, having to rep up four factions @ about 1250 rep a day (except for Lotus, which is significantly more) on my alts to use the damn currency is even worse.

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    Pleasantly surprising.

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    "Just what WoW needed"
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    very boring.

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    Terrible, because it's just a filler expansion with no real story.

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    If you complain about dailies, you can't manage your time well.

    But anyway, my sentence would be;

    Half the lore is awesome, half of it is shit.

    Garrosh is such a fucking pancake, seriously. Goddam blizzard caving to people hating on him, they could have just continued with the redemption story they set up for him as opposed to Sha-ing him up.

    On the flip side, the Mantid, the Sha, and everything surrounding this Y'rshaaj lad is extremely interesting. So is most of the pandaren lore, but my problem with the panda lore is that its all about the past, no current pandaren is DOING ANYTHING.
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    A meal at panda express.

    This expansion is so fun, its delicious. Just like Panda express! Cataclysm was pretty boring. To me, this expac is like a mix of TBC and Wrath, which were my 2 favorite eras of WoW. To be honest, I like the dailies. Makes the game feel more active, and you feel like you're playing a game. I'd rather do dailies than to sit in the city all day. A lot more as well. I also love the atmosphere and the music.

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