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    "After 2 years of pure boredom, the fun I was having for many years prior has finally returned to WoW"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinaerd View Post
    Cant wait to reach exhalted
    "8 years later and people still can't spell exalted."

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    Cataclysm with a glorified patch.

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    "Too bad it didn't scare away the douchebag elitists yet."

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    'Give me a sec, let me finish my dailies 1st'

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    Refreshing content approach.

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    Not as rewarding as before.

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    I got bored faster than any previous expansion, despite all the added features and gated content.

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    "A return to roots, with all the glory, fun and equally challenging frustration of the first installment." :P
    "Enjoy your power"

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    Complete and utter waste of time and energy.

    Pre MoP I loved dailies and running dungeons, raiding and pvp, pretty much anything in the game I thought was fun even just farming when I had nothing to do. Now, not so much, I can't say why or what exactly changed it for me but Mop is horrible for me, worse then Cata and it seems to only be degrading as time goes on. I find myself not logging in for almost a week straight when before I could not go a day without logging in WoW.

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    Overcompensation for an extremely poor previous expansion.

    Frankly, after the last expansion I feel that they grabbed at every straw they could and tossed them into the game. They added in a ton of stuff and made it a veritable grind-fest to be on par with the rest of the group which does nothing but cause burn out. Yes, the content, "Doesn't have to be done," but to not do so gimps yourself and your raid. Blizzard is naive to think that the "optional content that offers quality rewards" is optional in terms of social stigma. In terms of actually optional, sure, if you don't mind gimping yourself and your raid by not getting the easiest and best available gear.

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    I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    No i'd rather shit on and ruin a thread than just ignore it. I'm not one who ignores problems if it's not already obvious to you.

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    "Isle of Quel'Danas 2.0 is okay but when do we get the real expansion?"
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    A surprisingly good expansion that is being slowly ruined by the sheer amount of dailies we are expected to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hendu24 View Post
    But why fix something that wasn't broken, e.i. vanilla and bc...
    Well from my point of view that assumption is just wrong, I feel that, looking back, so much was broken or needed fixing and that the game is actually better than ever before. Of course the freshness is gone, but the only way to change that is make a whole new game, and tbh every xpac did quite a good job at refreshing the game for me... even Cata.

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    An underwhelming and adventerous journey through a continent with hidden riches.

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    A decent reform that, however, needs some fresh ideas to give decent alternatives to the over use of artificial gating.

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    Dailys... dailys everywhere

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    Best expansion yet; Monks, and the raids, are incredible.

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