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    Sigil Power/Wisdom LFR Question

    Question: Can I get Sigils of Power or Wisdom from LFR bosses killed a second (or more) times in the same week?

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    Just once a week OP and nothing more.

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    No. You can get Sigils any time you would receive loot. I can't confirm whether or not you can get them on Charms.
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    gotten Sigil Power from LFR

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    its lower drop in lfr and if someone gets it dosnt it mean everyone will like in normal mode.
    i myself have gotten 3sigil of power in 1week but dont know if it can drop by using charms

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    No, its the same as loot, you can only get it once a week per Normal/heroic boss and per LFR boss.
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    yeah, you can only get sigils once a week per boss and nothing more, with that said the droprate on them are abysmal, this week i got 1 of each after a full clear in lfr.

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