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    Lots of Stickies vs. Index Sticky

    Hey all,

    I've been thinking about keeping our forum here nice, clean and healthy and I feel that we've always had an issue with too many stickies. However, these forums are made for you to discuss and not for me to enforce my aesthetic vision, so I'm proposing a vote here:

    Lots of Stickies - keep it how it is because it's easier for people to skim through the titles and click once on what they want

    Index Sticky - one sticky with a list of links for all of the "more relevant" discussions, guides, etc.

    Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of either of these options. If you know of an even better system, it's also welcome to the discussion. Additionally, I think it's time to draw up some posting guidelines but that's something that Swizzle and I will be discussing more privately.

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    I prefer lot's of stickies only because it looks like there are more pressing threads than just one. Of course one could just click into the mega reference thread, but it is more impressive to me to see a list of stickies at the front page.

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    Lots of stickies, we don't even have that many.

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    Tbh i feel there is enough people already that aint using search function, and putting all stickies in one thread would make even more people not see the topic they want at first glance and start asking more repeated questions.
    And as gamdwelf said we dont have that many stickies.

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    As long as it aint something redic like 25+ I like to see individual threads instead of 1 index

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    Lot's of stickies. You can always make index thread when the amount of stickied threads is getting out of hand. But then I don't believe that'll be a problem. 3 stickies for each spec, one for PvP, one for General info and few additional stickies.

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    I do think the top of this forum looks a bit cluttered right now, but clearly I am in a minority at the moment!

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    I'm for indexed stickies for sure

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    I tried index sticky and it just didn't work. If the title doesn't show what they want, people won't click on it.

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    I prefer lots of stickies, that way it's harder to miss the Mage certain spec here Guide. There's already enough people who post stupid topics about "what's better; x or y?" when it's clearly stated within the guides, and I feel making one general index sticky would make this problem even worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylol View Post
    I prefer lots of stickies, that way it's harder to miss the Mage certain spec here Guide. There's already enough people who post stupid topics about "what's better; x or y?" when it's clearly stated within the guides, and I feel making one general index sticky would make this problem even worse.
    I definitely agree. Lots of stickies is fine.

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    I also agree with leaving it as it is. I also think that currently there are not that many stickies, so personally I wouldn't refer to them as "lots". Now if one day we have over 20 stickies then we can start looking into compressing things, but even then I wouldn't recommend replacing with one sticky to rule them all.

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    I suppose I can sympathise with the fact that people just won't read an index sticky, that makes sense.
    Probably for the best to leave them as is then.

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    Lots of index stickies! We're trying to maximise annoyance, right?

    Otherwise, just go directly for the stickies. Nobody reads the index threads anyway.

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    Yeah, sorry for pulling a bit of seniority here, but the only index sticky I could reasonably make would be a singular PvE sticky with links to the three PvE guides inside. That would cut the number of stickies by two, which would be prettier to look at I guess, but indexing past that would be a no go.

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    I would say if more than 8 stickies it should be an index - 8 or less is handled best as it is now with multiple stickies.

    Another way to go is maybe have a combination of both. For example you could have one one sticky that is say, Addons and Macros, that itself is just an index to the following stickied threads.

    General Addons for Mages
    Macros for Mages
    Power Auras for Mages
    Weak Auras for Mages

    I would still like to see individual threads for Fire, Arcane and Frost but something Tips could be a thread that is an index to other threads that are tips for each instance. The advantage of this is that when looking for tips on for example MV, you wouldnt need to scroll through pages and pages of tips for other instances. By the end of an expansion these threads are gold dust, but get very long and are not easy to find the real nuggets.

    Keep up the good work both of you though. The mages forums here are proving to be a real treasure trove.

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    I like index stickies, that said they didn't seem to be a lot of good. Example: There was an index sticky for raids that contained links to threads with "Best experiences in LFG" and "Worst experiences in LFG" and others.

    People still kept making new thread on all these topics...obviously never looked at the stickies or dien't understand the purpose?
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