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    This is the edited & updated lua file for those who are having color switch(pandemic 30%) issue.
    Simply replace your affdots.lua with this editted version.

    It's best viewed in bar format, where lines cutoff markers are most accurate as the color switch coding is not 100% accurate(off by a small marginal second) due to the restricted single integer.

    Example, agony at 24seconds, refresh at 7.2seconds, line cutoff shows(7.2s) but color swtich only switches at 7s(whole interger restriction). Already tried my best but to no avail.

    As for tidyplates intergration, everything is working perfectly
    For destro, take green fire away and color switch should be working as intended.

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    Thanks for the code and feedback everyone. I'll get it reviewed and integrated in to the repository.
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    Me too on the dot power

    Quote Originally Posted by Rurts View Post
    Could you consider showing dot power again? Snapshotting is gone, but e.g. aff will want to haunt when dots are strong, having AffDots show that is quite convenient.
    I agree fully with the request to please show the dot power again

    Also, I have an issue where it never shows any color but red or green (black of course if nothing applied), never have I seen any shade of blue. I can hear that I have gotten a proc on one of my pieces of gear, but not seeing the color change, and not seeing the dot power, I have no way of knowing if I should reapply my dots, net result: lower dps.

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    Updated Affdots to update pandemic cutoffs whenever you equip the archimonde trinket.

    Just replace your entire Affdots.lua with
    (doesn't work with propotional bars, coz i am lazy)


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