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    Exclamation ReRoll This Class?? help

    Hey guys

    I was gonna reroll Warrior, its squishy rn. When do you think it will become unsquishy and stand a change in duels or arenas with no healer? Do you think it would be a good idea to start reroll this class (already at 100 btw) and make it my main? Just incase your wondering I do PvP.


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    Warrior has never been a top class in 1v1.

    You will ALWAYS lose to certain classes, at least in this expac and assuming an open field duel like outside of Org.

    In early MoP with the funny version of second wind, it was semi-decent for 1v1.

    Play the class if you like the concept of the class, if you want to have an advantage in 1v1 choose something else.

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    Warrior without healer is pretty hard, it can happen with some hybrids I think, feral is pretty good as 2s. However, without a healer is hard

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    Wrong class if you care about duels.

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    Ehhh im pretty sure warriors are not supposed to win in 1v1 fights, atleast in this xpac, its just how it is. In bgs its hella fun when you have a healer

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    if you wanna try something fun, Duel 1v1 as full prot. not glad. full prot. make sure to pack the shieldslam dispell glyph. Unless its other tanks or good healers, you will wreck shit.
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