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    Damage Values

    Hey so I'm a 13/13 Mythic raider, and do a lot of Archie carries, I've been using this time to practice and get a stronger feel for the rotation some issues come up while doing this though that I'm curious about.

    The standard faire I go about with my rotation is:
    BT > RB > FS > BT > RB > FS > DR > BS > Rampage > WW (if wrecking ball) > RB > FS > BT (to try and maximize enrage time), pretty standard fair for ST

    However, now lets take Archie into consideration, for the majority of the fight its dealing with 1 extra mob to cleave off of, IE Doom/Dread. I set it up so that I maintain standard rotation at a minimum. So I'll prioritize WW (especially wrecking) to get blood thirst and rampage cleaves, always pushing WW before I push BT or Rampage. Now I assume this is the correct way as a WW with BT is worth more damage in its two GCD's outside of Raging blow?

    The other problem I'm having is execute phase and knowing when to prioritize AoE over ST and when to value Execute with and without enrage.

    During execute I aim for ~80 rage > BS > BT > Exe > Exe > Exe > BT > RB > WS > BT (Until enrage) then Execute. Is at any point a rampage off boss + one additional mob worth more than an enraged execute?


    My logs for Archi:

    Just trying to keep getting better!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Does anyone have any information on this?
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    Computer Specs:
    i7 core 4.0 ghz 6700k+, 16 GB DDR4 ram, Z170x-ud5, EVGA GeForce FTW 1070 GTX

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    watch exactly what u are hitting with your meatcleaver buffed rampage /bt. from my exp its not really worth it, because stuff is sadly not getting hit by it (doomfire/ doomcaller). Also i wouldnt mind cleave to much , because there are max 4 doomcallers in this fight and the single doomfire doesnt live longer than a whirlwind cast most of the time.

    Avatar for first ring explo, gets ready for 3. doomcaller, and i think again for 2. infernal wave, which is ht+ ring + pot for us? after wich archimonde is dead, could be dps increase for you over wrecking ball (especially if u use hero in the beginning, why ppl are doing this? to avoid throwing people up or what?)

    my xp (i dont run sims, but i tried out in the game a lot) Execute is only used if enraged and rampage is not avaiable (was just used), and dragonroar is on a longer cd, if dr is coming up soon (like 2-3 globals), say ney execute und hit a dr rampage. Prefer rampage over execute generally, fury execute is pretty weak at 100 (artifact changes this totally). Generally rampage does more dmg than execute on life (but less dpr, but it is totally irrelevant, as fury only has two ragespender, and even in the execute phase the ragespender that is not execute wins), its sad but true.
    Its basically best used as a filler rage dump when u just have rampaged, enrage is up and your rage bar is low.

    edit: with doomcallers i mean the tank adds, not sure whats their actual name is, somehow i always call them doomcallers because the other stuff is the doomfire, so if they are not called doomcallers in your client, its a bug that blizz forgot to fix.
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