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    Fury DPS Looking for Help (Have logs)

    Ok, So I was playing Glad DPS since this xpac came out...I decided to give fury a go and I feel like I'm not pulling the numbers that I should. I read about rotations and enrage uptime...and I think I have it down. Can any of you pro Wars give me some tips?



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    It's hard to tell exactly what you may or may not be doing wrong, but I can give you a couple of tips:

    1. You're an orc right? (I armoried your name and it looks like you are) Why aren't you using Blood Fury?

    2. You are rage capping on some fights. Don't ever rage cap! I generally make it a rule that if I get near 90 rage to use wildstrike and dump some.

    3. Glyphs are important. I see you are using the interrupt glyph on Oregorger. Great. Are you using the whirlwind range increase glyph (sry, don't know the actual glyph name) on aoe fights like Darmac and Thogar?

    4. This is not you specifically, but why did you guys not have a lust on Gruul?

    5. Look at talents. I have become a big fan of Siegebreaker on some fights. I like it on Hanz and Franz because I seem to waste the extra time from Anger Management just trying to survive stampers.

    6. Make sure you have Recklessness/CDs/2nd pot up for execute phase always.

    7. What are your dps trinkets? Armory is glad stance. I still recommend Scabbard if you don't have it.

    8. Make sure you execute immediately with sudden death procs, then bloodsurge procs, then raging blow procs. Don't let these sit or you may lose out on procs that could have happened in the meantime.

    9. If you can get your tier pieces from normal you may see a dps increase even with an ilvl decrease. They are that good for fury. Sim it for yourself to be sure.

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