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    Need help deciding what alliance race to play!!!

    please i need opinions, im stuck between night elf and draenei, i want to know about racials, and wich looks best in gear, any help would be great, thank you

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    Night elves can wear shoes.

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    In my own forum, I've been trying to do the same for deciding what race I should make a monk on alliance.

    The poll numbers vary almost every day. At first they were Human Male in first, and draenei female in second. Now they're Human Male / Human Female, with Night elf Female and Draenei Female higher ranking.

    If you want something more "exotic," you could look at the statistics for the class / race you want to play using this:

    Personally I'm in the situation where I never have played a human before and I'm thinking of making one. I'm going purely for aesthetics, since all racials at this point are nearly indistinguishable. The only major thing is the on use ability, such as free trinket, stealth, heal, all that stuff. Even still, I feel that's negligible in much of the game.

    But I would also like to know which class specifically you want, otherwise I'd honestly not choose the human because of how commonly played they are. Some races just simply look nicer in armour than others. For example, blood elf females don't feel right in plate because they're extremely thin. Now if armour actually made you look iron-clad, then maybe I'd change my mind on that.
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    Female Draenei. Period.

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    fem nelf for style overall, fem human for fighting animations.

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    Draenei>Nelves when it comes to gear appearance.
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    Male Dwarf, because male Dwarf.
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    Yea im not thinking of a human, i log on and theres like 90% of humans running around and i want something new, something ill enjoy more but cant seem to decide those 2

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    Draenai, or Dwarves. Probably Dwarves.

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    This question pops up quite abit, because people are used to the old system where damage enhancing racials actually mattered. Fast forward to WoD and they are perhaps the best balanced thing in the game. The difference in total damage over the course of an encounter is so similar between all races that it becomes hardly worth discussing. What is relevant and often looked over is the secondary utility racials: Humans (PvP trinket), Night Elves (Shadowmeld), Gnomes (Trinket), Dwarves (On Use Def CD), Worgen (Sprint), Pandaren (Incapacitate), Draenei (self heal). Your choice between those is somewhat more important. You'll find most raiders leaning towards the sprint or Defensive CD, you'll find PvPers are all humans

    Your aesthetic choices also matter: If you like playing female characters then you are stuck with Draenei, or nelfs (you excluded humans). Many people play Dwarves just for their epic beards, but you sacrifice stature and helm options. Night Elf males look awkward in gear and I personally hate their combat animations (Archi loves them ./boggle).

    TLDR: Its a matter of subjective personal preference. Liking how your character looks and animates is probably the most important decision and into that equation you can consider the utility racials, DPS racials aren't really relative.

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    Nelf and Draenei females are quite equally cute, both in their own ways; Nelf males, however, look more retarded of the two.

    If you are worried about aesthetics, humans are usually a safe bet.

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    I have both of the races, but i just want to focus on 1 warrior, but cant decide, waste of time to focus on the 2 so im gonna leave 1 behind and just focus on one. like half people say draenei , half say nelf

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    Well here is my 2 cents, female draenei looks best in plate gear imo of course. Night elves not bad but 2nd on looks gear wise shadowmeld is nice though. Just no male dwarf that spinning attack they do /shudder

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    Night elf, draenei looks weird since 6.0
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    Whichever you like more. Seriously I think these topics are forbidden for a reason.

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    Both, thats y i cant decide lol

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    I think Ne female is best, hands down

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    I think not.
    Some like red, some green (I'd go purple with yellow dots).
    In the end it all comes down what the OP likes the most, spite the different opinions in here.
    Unless OP is female, women can't ever decide what to wear.

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    well night elf do seem better, no hooves, they wear boots. But it all does come down to whatever op decides, your right about that

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    Quote Originally Posted by bksfd61 View Post
    please i need opinions, im stuck between night elf and draenei, i want to know about racials, and wich looks best in gear, any help would be great, thank you

    It is the only really sexy race; the haste is OK, the +6 rage is nice, and root/slow escape is beautiful.

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