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    Few questions for HFC and Legion

    Hey everyone!

    Just decided to swap over from Retri to Warrior for a bit of HFC and Legion.

    I've been wondering though, in HFC, which fights do you wanna swap to Fury and when do you wanna stick to Arms?

    How many targets are needed to use Whirlwind over Bloodthirst for example?

    Also, in Legion, should I put most of the Artifact Points in Fury or Arms?

    Thanks in advance already!

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    currently fury is out performing arms on every fight in pre-legion HFC.

    https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/8#class=Warrior You can see logs here and check out the changes people make to their specs depending on the fight. As you can see, all top damage in prepatch for Warriors are Fury.

    As fury, using Whirlwind to AOE will also increase the targets of your Bloodthirst. So, in an AoE situation(3+ mobs), you would WW before BT. More targets hit with BT = More chances to enrage.

    As arms, applying colossus smash is always step 1. Use cleave (boost your WW DMG) and then Whirlwind in a 3+ mob situation. Bladestorm is a baseline arms ability now, and potentially your best AoE ability.

    In Legion, play whichever you enjoy the most. Right now Arms may feel lacking damage wise, but it will probably scale and get better as you progress in your weapon.

    Good luck!

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