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    Nice Madcow. I also happened to give it a go this morning now that duoing it with friends had become very easy (and it let me learn some of the later fights easier since I hadn't done them in Cata).

    Did DS 25 Heroic, Fury @ 100 / iL642. Spine was pretty fun to say the least. Madness wasn't terribly bad once I made sure to handle any potential impales.

    Also just so happened to get the platform achievement.
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    Yeah, the debuff on spine did barely any dmg at all and everything else was easily out healable by rally glyph ( didnt need to use it ) enraged regen.
    Also grats on the achievement

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    Quote Originally Posted by zozobra View Post
    The only things giving me trouble so far are Maloriak H25 and Ulraxion 25 or H25. Can't beat that damn wipe mechanic.
    what's the problem with maloriak? he should die during the black phase. keep big cds for <25% to nuke him asap. no adds, no problem.
    Ultraxion 25(hc) demands ~300k DPS for max. 55 secs (legacy buff included). Otherwise: no chance!

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    Hmm, I saw the heal absorb bit there but I was constantly at "Health Warning" levels. Even though the text showed healing absorbed, I think damage from Second Wind or the focusing crystal kept me up. Quite a dance but fun!

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    I don't know how people do it, I've watched guides and videos but I just can't do it. I can't solo fucking Spine of Wankwing.

    Not even on 10 man normal, Amalgamations keep falling off, Deathwing keeps randomly rolling like a spastic fucker and he doesn't seem to give a shit on what side I'm on. What a stupid shitty fight.

    Update; I actually managed to almost get the first tendon down, I move left and right while DPSing the thing but he still rolled and I fell down.

    This fucking raid can go fuck it fucking self.
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    yep, spine can be super annoying. maybe get old bossmods for cataclysm. they will count down before he rolls. just move over the middle of his back. or get into a safespot (former spot of a tentacle (killed)) at the side where the plate is lifted.

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    Everytime you move from one side of him to the other, it resets the timer for when he rolls(which is 10 seconds, fyi). So when it pops up 'Deathwing is about to roll left', you have 10 seconds to move to the right side of him and get the message 'Deathwing is about to roll right'. You just continue this back and forth while stacking bloods onto the amalgamation. This is what I would call 'the dancing method'.

    The other method is to kill 3 tentacles, and wait until 10+ bloods are spawned while standing in a tentacle hole. Then, right after 'Deathwing rolls' pops up, you kill the last tentacle, kill the bloods, drag the amalgamation over the blood pile and then dance back and forth while killing the amalgamation next to the plating.

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