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    No way to contact support.

    This is kind of stupid.

    I have a friend who I got into the game. Neither one of us have played in over a year. And since then, things have been switched. Glyph? Seems kinda retarded to me. They cancelled their phone support line, and the Glyph service e-mails are not showing up in her e-mail account. How are we supposed to talk to anyone when the authentication for 'signing in on a new computer' never reaches our e-mail inbox (And yes. We have checked the spam folder.)?

    If anyone has any ideas on this, please let me know. I have never spent any money in the game, but my friend has. And she is about ready to give up on ever playing anything Trion-related again because of this...

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    I can't be a huge help, but I understand there have been some ongoing issues with the coin lock emails not going out properly in the last couple of weeks, relating - I think - to the whole spree of DDoS attacks rampaging the internet, so I would urge patience.

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    I posted in another thread how to contact support. Dont have link, but I feel like its still on the front page.

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