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    Stone Guard - Shaman Resto - Spirit Link Totem

    Whats other resto shams opinion of spirit link totem during this fight (on normal)? With the chains and the mines is it causing an issue where a player (just 1) will instantly die at the wrong time while in spirit link totem if they are chained or mined suddenly?
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    If that happens, it's the player's own fault for not getting out of the mine. Mines are 100% avoidable; even if you have chains, you can still get out of them. They also don't happen "suddenly". You have a good 3 seconds or so after the mine spawns to get out of it. As far as chains, they will only come close to killing you if you have 12+ stacks (which again is your own fault, because you need to get to the person you are chained to far faster than allowing it to stack that high).

    It is a raid cooldown that can and should be used on this fight, just like almost any other fight

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    It is a raid cooldown that can and should be used on this fight, just like almost any other fight
    I agree completely.

    And yes we are all aware of the mine timer and how the chains work.

    I just want to know if there is any valuable evidence that can show spirit link should not be used.
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    Well, there are situations where you need to be careful with using SLT. Some examples from Cata that I can think of off the top of my head are Ultraxion (well at least at 0%), you did not want to drop it right before Hour of Twilight, because it would cause the soakers to potentially not be topped off and die. In can also redistribute health off a tank right before a major attack, risking tank deaths in some cases.

    However, this situation doesn't qualify. It isn't killing people; people not getting out of mines are what is killing people.

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    I have always believed that in this case its not the totems fault for killing someone, but for the player unable to make it to the totem or bad luck. I checked the death log and his 2 deaths during that fight (brez), the first was jasper chains and the second was the mine. I was told it was the first death that was from my totem so I am guessing it was distance, his other chain bud was in the totem and he wasn't.

    Definitely no reason to not use the spirit link totem.

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