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    Double Felstriker for lvl 60 fury raiding

    Hey im in a lvl 60 raiding guild and i was wondering if titans grip is so much better then SMF that having 2 Felstriker isnt good at 60 anymore?

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    SMF>TG at 90, but I don't know if you'd have enough crit at 60 without using BC gear/things with sockets to get enough crit. And, most mechanics are not given to you until past level 80 (Csmash = kind of a big deal), so Arms wouldn't exactly be great either (Sudden Death = useless).

    I'd get double Dark Edge of Insanities or double Ashkhandhi/ Kalimdor's Revenge for TG. Daggers = bad, too fast. Two Brutality Blades might be decent, two Chromatically Tempered Swords would be much better, and the axe off Nefarian or BWL trash would be good too.


    The biggest bang for your buck would be the old PvP weapons, 185 honor for a 1 hander, 290 for a 2 hander.
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    The reason dual Felstriker is bad now is because they removed almost all attack power-based damage abilities.

    Bloodthirst and Heroic Strike being the important ones. They're based on weapon-damage now. They even did it with Heroic Throw, making it useless, especially after the PvP glyph nerf.

    You're hurting yourself by not using a slow, level-appropriate weapons now.
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