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    Random BG - is it possible to see which one it will be?

    ...or is there an Addon that shows you the BG once the queue pops up but before you enter it?

    Asking this because my Logitech G13 ca do it, it predicts the BG once the queue shows up.

    Picture below: in-game message vs Logitech G13 message when queueing for a random BG.

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    I don't believe so. Seems like such an add-on would be banned if it were made. Let me know if you find one though. AV, SoA and IoC and suck my left one. EotS can stay thoug, because I enjoy knocking people off the edge of the map.

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    At least you can blacklist 2 now... thankfully.

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    I just wanna play kotmogu all day but get such shitty honor if i queue specific...

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    I'm asking this for a reason...

    I use the Logitech G13 gameboard to play wow, and this one has a small display. When I queue for random BGs and the queue pops up, ingame I only get the message "You are now eligible to enter the battle: Random Battleground", but my gameboard tells me which one it is, before I join it: "You are eligible to enter Arathi Basin" (or whatever BG it would be).

    My gameboard is always 100% correct with it's "prediction". So I guess if Logitech can do it, any Addon would be capable to tell you which random BG you get when the queue pops up?

    It's useful, I just cancel my random BG if I don't like it. Queue time is only like 30 sec, so it's worth it.
    Blacklisting two BGs is not enough.
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    It is (apperantly) possible with a G15 keyboard. However, I got shit knowledge about anything that has to do with PC's other than gaming. This is simply something I heard from some of my guildies who still succesfully used it 1 week ago when I was doing some Random BG's with them.

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    My sweet G15 is doing this.

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    The G15 does this?

    Okay, someone develop an addon RIGHT NOW.

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    Obviously Logitech devices can do it, though I doubt that this is intended.

    Is the game profile software developed by Logitech, or is there some Blizzard software also a part of it? I assume this, as there are no addons which predict the "random BG", and this would be an useful feature. I love it on my G13 :-) (took me some time to notice it).

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    My G19 does it aswell, love it <3

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    This is interesting...very interesting! I had no idea these keyboards showed this

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    Right now I'm thinking of naming my firstborne after you for that information. I disabled the wow support on my keyboard a long time ago since I usually display core temp and cpu load (lost a cpu to overheating once and I've been paranoid about it ever since).

    No more sota/isle/av ever again, even on bg weekends

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    Works for Arena as well. Logitech Keyboard shows the upcoming area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imYemeth View Post
    Works for Arena as well. Logitech Keyboard shows the upcoming area.
    You can't deny an arena queue pop though, it'll be counted as a loss.

    This feature sounds awesome though. But i wanted a mechanical keyboard and the logitech G series are not that
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    Can anyone with friends in high places figure out how the G-series logitech boards are doing this so someone who's good at writing addons can get this made? I only ever want to join hutball, WSG, TP and EotS, and unfortunately you can't blacklist half the BG list.

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    Any addon that would do this would not live for long. Blizzard would break the api.
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    Takes 2-3 days to get full pvp gear, then just queue for w/e bg you want really.

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    It got fixed last time it bugged like that so not sure you'll find anyone willing to take the time to figure out how the keyboard's display is coded and then transfer that into an addon for a week or two of use.

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    Hey, guys, i'm almost done with this feature. Hopefully, it will be only macros, not entire addon.

    Anyone can help me with testing? I'm now at work, and can't test it. Please, pm me.

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