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    Unholy with Starshatter or DW x1 Elegion + a blue?

    Simple question, Unholy with 2h Starshatter normal or Frost dual wield with 1 Elegion and a blue 463 ?

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    Uh 489 2h.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dossou View Post
    2H Frost with Starshatter
    That wasnt my question now was it?

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    Depends on what are you "exactly" asking does it? For example: "Is it more fun?" or "How to do the most DPS?".

    DPS wise you can go frost with 2h Starshatter or DW with Elegon 1h normal + 463 on your average MGV run your dps will be almost even. To maximize your DPS I would say go for the 2h when you stay mainly on the boss with few adds in the fight, like Elegon for example, while on other bosses you should go DW for more AoE.

    And on the fun part, just test it out. You might not like DW rotation for example or you might find all frost rotation not enjoyable, then go 2h unholy but know your DPS will never be the max your character can output.

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    I roll with 2h unholy starshatter. If you know how the spec works it's pretty much as good as frost. If you can't manage resources properly go frost.
    Weaponwise the damage hardly matters.

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    IMHO DW frost.

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    Go UH. Its way more fun!!!

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    Ive been playing Unholy ever since Wotlk, was just a question if Frost dw would be better for me.

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    In term of DPS on this tier, yes it will. If you can get another Elegon axe it will definitely be a no doubt improvement and your frost spec DPS will beat your unholy one in almost all encounters. That of course assuming your playstyle with frost is on pair with your unholy one.

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