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    =*= All hail Paragon - Paragon World #1 - All hail Paragon =*=

    I heard the Europeans beat the Americans by 9 hours due to time-zone difference!


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    In before lock....

    please stop the madness...

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    in b4 lock?
    thats just a stupid post...
    especially since the time zone difference wasn't a big factor cause of the first boss...

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    ban this guy PLEASE
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    What is this I don't even xD
    inb4 lock and ban ;D
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    Guess this guy missed the part were BL got world first...
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    Aside from the handful of actual people who know about who cleared what first, Have world firsts always been about the US vs basically the entire world?

    I don't get it

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    That's enough hate, already.


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