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    GW2 likely to match (or outsell) MoP this year

    Blizzard's stated numbers of MoP's sales was 2.7m after the first week, which included pre-orders and digital sales worldwide.

    VGchartz shows that MoP has tapped out at around 950k retail boxes sales, and the weekly sales have dropped off to a trickle. Unfortunately we have no reliable tracking of digital sales, aside from disclosures from source companies themselves.

    http://www.vgchartz.com/game/65124/w...s-of-pandaria/ -- 0.94m units total
    http://www.vgchartz.com/game/37350/guild-wars-2/ -- 1.42m units total

    However, GW2 sold over 1.4m retail boxed sales -- and they're still selling. Arenanet has limited sales in both digital and retail channels to maintain the customer experience (and avoid server boom/bust cycles). If we look at the trending, GW2 is STILL selling ~30k units per week 3 months after launch. MoP on the other hand, is down to ~22k units.

    Even if we assume GW2 only has equal number of digital sales...which in today's age is highly unlikely... they're still @ 2.8m. We know GW2 is still selling very well, as new pools of license keys are still being strictly rationed -- for example, Greenmangaming issued a press release when they got a new batch, and it hasn't launched on steam yet.

    The most interesting part is that Blizzard did a simultaneous release in all regions -- North & South America, Asia, and Europe.

    Guild Wars 2 has not yet had south american nor asian releases. So sales can only continue to grow as multi-regions come onboard.

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    You cant get an accurate amount of sales for either title without knowing the digital sales numbers. Anything else is based on assumption. Box sets in particular are a bad way to judge sales as they cater for a small minority of players. MoP is a good example of this, 900 mil box sets, over 1.9mil digital sales. Without knowing the digital sales for both titles all you can do it guess at sales figures.

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    MoP is not a game, it's just an expansion pack, gw2 is a whole new game

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    So what are we discussing here?

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    I couldn't care less about that .-.

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    Not much to really discuss. GW2 is a brand game with no sub cost, WoW is an 8 year old game with a sub cost on their 4th expansion. Apples to oranges IMO. WoW isn't going to last forever, but if you would have told anyone when this game was first released that they would have 10 million subs with a monthly cost still 8 years later, I think everyone would have laughed. Good for GW2 though. It's about time an MMO has sold well and remained consistent.

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    Interesting news, but just news. Would hate for such stuff to turn into X vs Y thing (again).

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    As soon as I fix my pc imma buy GW 2
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    I would rather have a comparison of active players than box sales. There will be people who bought both games and don't play anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splatter View Post
    I would rather have a comparison of active players than box sales. There will be people who bought both games and don't play anymore.
    Quite impossible when one has subs, one only counts sold copies (?).

    And regarding the matter at hand...not sure what it confirms in either direction? 2 different games, one being 8 with a new expansion sale and one completely new.
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    I don't think this thread will end well

    It does not really matter. WoW incl. expansion has outsold any standing MMORPG so they probably don't really care if someone beats them on sales on an expansion pack. It's not as critical for them as it is for ANet really. Besides their sales in China definitely should be higher. VGChartz is usually a bit lagging. On the whole it's like comparing apples with pears.
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    So why does this thread exist, exactly?

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    If now GW2 could keep you occupied for more than 2 weeks then... and really, ONLY then it'd be worth the 60€.

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    Gw2 player retention isnt the best, and you might say Arenanet doesnt care because the box was already sold but thats false. Arenanet needs players playing aswell because more players more chance for someone to buy stuff from the store
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    This thread is going to spiral in to awesomeness. Comparing games like this is just going to be bad all round. Even if it does outsell mop, blizzard will make 10x more from sub fees alone (citation needed), plus selling more GW2 games doesnt mean it retains those players. Anyway in before this goes downhill.

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    OP....if you wanted ANY credibility...you'd compare a full game with a full game...Not a game vs an xpac...

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    Why should we care, it's not like we gain anything from it. Both are good games.

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    Thread is going nowhere good.


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