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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziharkk View Post
    Come on guys, everyone knows clicking is better.

    Just think of all the carpal tunnel you won't have because you click. Not to mention, how are you supposed to keyboard turn if your keys are bound?

    Clickers - 1
    Keyboard Bads - 0

    Edit: And don't even get me started on those people with the cool mouse buttons, how are you supposed to keep clicking the boss to auto-attack if you're clicking your side buttons on a mouse? gg
    But then again, how are you supposed to click your spells if you use your mouse to turn?

    Clickers - 1
    Keyboards - 1
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    I bind everything that I would use in a combat situation including res, buffs and mounting. I click anything that I would do outside of combat.

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    I have been binding ever since I started playing back in Vanilla. I bind every in-combat spell/skill/macros, and some out-of-combat skills as well for convenience.

    DX1 ftw.

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    Click slower than keybind - by definition.

    Why you ask - because click involves at least a press + a move, a keybind only a press.

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    There's no question. Key binding is better. end of discussion, we all know these threads are started by people that want to feel better than the clickers.

    If they really cared, they would keybind. Clickers obviously aren't concerned with performance so just let it go.

    people are going to play how they want, if they aren't asking for help don't try to change anything.
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    Using a razer naga so I have every single spell binded. I honestly can't stand clicking because that would make me a bad pvper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazih View Post
    If you can keep 99%+ activity, click multiple different defensive cd's with 1 sec reaction time, avoid shit while doing Competitive dps/hps feel free to continue clicking.
    If not consider binds.
    As a tank, yes i can (without the competitive dps/hps but tanks dont worry about that). Then again i've had years of practice.

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    Keybind, because clicking feels clunky and awkward. I'm not playing the Sims, I'm play World of Warcraft. Besides, I was enthralled in the PvP of this game when I first started, so the first thing I learned was keybinding.
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    I keybind and I use the Logitech G500 to turn the camera and use a few abilities with.

    E to move forward, W and R to to strafe.

    1-6, q, T, Y, A, S, D, F, G, Z, X, C, `, Caps Lock are binds for abilities that are constantly used.

    7, V, B, J, U, H, F1-F5 ALT, Shift are used for focus macros/arena 1,2,3 or long cooldowns.

    Mouse Wheel Up, Down, Middle are used for slows or debuff type abilites.

    Alt MwU, Down, Middle are for Classes with Pet Control. MwU for "attack", Middle for "Move to" and Down for "Follow."

    Mouse button 5 is trinket and 4 is usually a cooldown ability.

    ALT Mouse button 4, 5 is for presence swapping.

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    Oh, hey, it's this thread again. Bindings are better. Debate over.
    Look! Words!

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    Key bind absolutely everything.. Makes life so much easier

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    I click my targets (I heal) from the raid frames and all of my usual heal spells are keybound. I click cds and totems though (well, since all totems are cds now I guess I don't even need to say that anymore).

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Click slower than keybind - by definition.

    Why you ask - because click involves at least a press + a move, a keybind only a press.
    Sometimes it can take just as long to move your finger to press the appropriate key on your keyboard as it would to move your mouse cursor over the icon. At least if you're familiar with your mouse movement speed.

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    when i started using keybinds i went from an above average player to being able to get ranks on most bosses.

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    This topic has never been done to death yet.
    The question is pointless: you MUST hotkey most of your stuff or you will heavily underperform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xami View Post
    Do they keys slide around while playing?

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    I bind stuff to 1-5 shift 1-5 q e r f x c v t g and shift q e r f x I click the rarely used ability's and my cooldowns.
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    From my experience I prefer Keybind, proven for reaction timing.
    However until I properly set up for a new character, I am a guilty clicker on my alts :\

    (I use a razer nostromo for my left hand, and a razer naga epic for my right, only use my keyboard for typing )
    Quote Originally Posted by Naphta
    The tank is the driver, healer is the fuel. And the DPS are the kids sitting in the back crying about if they're there yet. And this is coming from a DPS.

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    on tank: clicking with some keybinds for non-gcd skills because moving with mouse sucks
    on dd chars: keybinds and clicking for long cds

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    i have never keybinded a singel thing, and i have raided for 6 years now.
    I almost never die becuse im to slow moving out of things, im quick at switching targets when needed, im always in any raid or pug among the topp dps and its been so on all the classes i have had as my main over these years. The guild i am in has for the last 4 years been a topp 10 guild on the realm we are on so i dont play with only complete idiots. I have a very hard time seeing that keybinding would make me such a amazingly better player.

    Why cant people understand its just a diffrent style of play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazih View Post
    If you can keep 99%+ activity, click multiple different defensive cd's with 1 sec reaction time, avoid shit while doing Competitive dps/hps feel free to continue clicking.
    If not consider binds.
    Check, check, check and check!
    Looks like i will stick to clicking as it seems just as good!
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    If you are a clicker, you do not perform as good as you could if you keybinded. End of discussion. There's no argument to be had. If you click, you're gimping yourself and are happy with being a sub-par player.

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