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    Demon hunter weapon type?

    I'm not really sure which weapon type i should use for demon hunter. I know a lot of people use xbow
    It would be helpful if someone knew the Good and bad things about each type.

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    TYPE: X-bow

    Pros: Highest damage output / +50% crit ARCHERY / Hits very very hard
    Cons: Slowest out of all of the weapons
    BiS: Manticore

    TYPE: Bow
    Pros: Fast / 20% + damage ARCHERY
    Cons: Hits mid point meaning much lower then an x-bow and quite slightly higher then duel x-bows / Hard to find a decent rare without it being stupid expensive
    BiS: RARE bow / Windforce

    TYPE: Duel x-bows
    Pros: Fastest of all the weapons / 20% CC ARCHERY / Highest survivability of the two weapons
    Cons: Lowest damage out of both bow and X-bow
    BiS: Calamity / Danetteta's Spite

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    2H Bows are a lot more forgiving when it comes to the rest of your gear. If you haven't got 20 million worth of crit damage and %AS gear (new level 60 for example) get a 2H Bow.
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