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Thread: garalon 25N

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    garalon 25N

    any encounter specific tips for this? im one of the kiters and my dps is below what i want it to be and what it needs to be. obvious talent choices are KJC. would it be worth going GoSupremacy since while kiting MG is such a slow cast? i can go demo or affli, which is better for the kiter?


    i have gone for hit cap>4198 haste>mastery>crit atm

    another question, i have noticed that sometimes SB:SoC will apply corr to legs, sometimes not. anyone know what the reason for this is? im thinking if i can reliably get corr up on all the legs thats a lot of shards. and should i be multi dotting the legs or focus'ing purely on the boss (atm im focusing boss only after the initial pull) last night was our first attempt and i ranged from ~55-75k which is quite a large differenceand ideally i would like to be staying 70k+ on all attempts for obvious reasons! were currently ~40k raid dps short of enrage. if only we had attempted it 2 days ago it would have been a kill

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    i think if you'rnot applying Corruption through SB:SoC, it can only be a range issue, ie the leg it's not being applied to was too far fromthe explosion.

    For this reason, i've been asking myself whether MF wouldn't be better than KJC ... But I still can't see MF working if it's only to apply CoR once every minute or so. I'd rahr save my shards for a full rack of dots on one leg, i think SB:SoC becomes better than SB:SoC around the 6 target mark.

    I just hate the KJC haste thing with passion. Leave my haste alone

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    so much agree with this! im considering going demo and saving my meta burn phase for when i kiting? i dunno. stupid encounter imo

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    I've been wondering about this fight, but as DPS. Should I be trying to stand in the leg aura or not? What are people's thoughts?

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    We were doing this fight last night on 10man and I was also averaging 55-70k, which is low from my normal. When kiting it was even lower.

    Here are logs if needed http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...pes&boss=63667
    Character Profile as well http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rchid/advanced

    I look at logs of other people who pull 80k+ as affliction and demo. I have tried to be in each leg, but they move so much, and the movement is killing my dps.

    Any suggestions for Affliction or Demo would be great
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    first sorry for my bad english i´m from germany :P

    you should specc affli its the best for this fight. i prefer reforgin to 4717 haste rest in mastery (hitcap needed). kiljaedens cunninc is also perfect for this fight.

    prepot- soulswap all legs and boss and dont use glyph soul swap so you can take the dots from one leg to the other. with kiljaeden you can walk in every zone of the legs and keep ur dots up when u do so.
    if you´re gettin the debuff and go kitting keep you dots up on the boss.
    thats simply how i play and i do around 75k+ ww.worldoflogs.com/reports/y1srfrajjc007ixw/sum/damageDone/?s=1907&e=2328

    to do max dps u should do more leg dmg and u gotta have hight raid dmg
    so hopefully this is a help for you


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    Quote Originally Posted by tachycardias View Post
    I've been wondering about this fight, but as DPS. Should I be trying to stand in the leg aura or not? What are people's thoughts?
    The buff only affects leg damage, and it would be a DPS loss to constantly be moving to stay under a leg.

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