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    What is Blizzard's E-mail address for complains and concerns (US region)


    Tried to find out what is the current active blizzard.com e-mail for concerns and complains for US region without success.

    I've found the EU version of this e-mail: [email protected] but [email protected] and [email protected] are both invalid.

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    Try as I may, I simply couldn't find any US mail adress for such issues, apparently you're supposed to either use tickets, online support or calling them

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    Is anyone able to find any support e-mail address for the US region?

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    all in all, if it is a concern/suggestion for the game, there is a "Submit Suggestion" button in the Customer Support section of WoW (where you make ingame tickets). If it is about a ticket you received that you are giving feedback on the Game Master that addressed it, there's a survey at the end where you can write comments in the end. When it comes to suggestions and complaints, make sure you are backing up your concern with objective facts, not "i hate when, it sucks, this blows, this is stupid" statements. The more factual, objective information in your report, the better.

    other option is general forums. There isn't an email for complaints though.

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    Thank you for your answer,

    Anyway I don't see how come EU has an option to get responds for written complaints since they have an email address but not the US.

    Irrespectively of my case is there any general email address for blizzard that not specifically for tech help, etc?

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